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Free Fillable Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Form

Selling property, vehicles, vessels, or appliances often requires legal assistance. The free bill of sale form adds up substantial protection against probable post-acquisition conflicts. The rules of creating the document are different in every state of the USA. That is why one should look into all the details concerning BOS forms beforehand.

Alabama Boat Bill of Sale form serves as official proof of transferring ownership of a vessel from one individual (or entity) to another. Both parties must get a BOS to keep records and required by the Marine Patrol of the Alabama Law Enforcement Agency as a supporting paper for registering a purchased watercraft.

Alabama bill of sale templates – this category will allow you to find out more about some other bills of sale useful in Alabama.

Fillable Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Alabama Boat Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Alabama Boat Registering Procedures

A motorboat registration has to be initiated within 15 days after the act of sale and purchase has occurred. Registrants are supposed to provide the Bill of Sale form and a completed application for registration, and proof of appropriate fees paid.

If a vessel does not have a current year registration, it will be necessary to pay a $3 transfer fee and the correct class fee. Depending upon the class of your watercraft, fees may be:

  • $18 plus $2 insurance fee (for Class I vessels, less than 16ft)
  • $23 plus $2 insurance fee (for Class II vessels, 16 ft to less than 26 ft)
  • $73 plus $2 insurance fee (for Class III vessels, 26 ft to less than 40 ft)
  • $98 plus $2 insurance fee (for Class IV vessels, 40 ft or above)

However, if the obtained vessel was registered within the current year, only a $3 transfer fee will be required.

How to Fill Out the Form

1.    Get the Template

You may opt for downloading the Alabama Bill of Sale form from any source page or use our form building software.

2.    Input Seller’s Data

Begin with filling out the seller’s personal information. You will need to provide his name, driving license number, address, city, and state.

3.    Input Buyer’s Data

The buyer will have to complete the section sharing the same pieces of information.

4.    Describe the Vessel

You are required to indicate make, length, year, HIN, registration number (if applicable), Odometer Reading, and Title number (if applicable). If a trailer is included with the sale, check the corresponding box, and provide the year and make of it. If an outboard motor is included in the sale, do the same.

5.    Establish the Price

Enter the selling price to be paid on the date of creating this document, a future date (limited by a period of calendar days), or other. If a buyer is gifted the vessel, you will need to mention it in this section. If a seller accepts a trade-in for the vessel, it is necessary to provide details about it.

6.    Complete Seller’s Disclosure

The seller confirms that he or she is the legal owner of the vessel, transferring the ownership, and all the details completed about the vessel, are true. If the watercraft is somehow defected, the seller should provide this information in this section. Ensure that everything in the document is legible and correct, and sign the form.

7.    Provide Both Parties’ Signatures

Enter the date of this legal agreement, printed names of both seller and buyer, and sign the paper. One witness should also insert his print name and put the signature.

8.    Notarize the Form

To render the document valid, notarize the document. As an option, two witnesses in lieu of a notary may be accepted.