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Free Fillable Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form

To sell a motorcycle in Florida, complete a Notice of Sale form first. You do not need to include any details of the purchaser (these are optional). The form includes different sections. All three sections together constitute a bill of sale form that includes additional details of the purchase, while only Section 1 and Section 3 is completed in case you only have chosen to go through with a Notice of Sale rather than the full form.

When going through the process of selling your motorcycle, be careful when completing a Notice of Sale to avoid being liable for your motorcycle even after a deal occurs. The seller can fill out the Notice of Sale type of form by yourself. You may want to get it notarized.

Florida bill of sale templates – this page will allow you to read additional information on some other bills of sale you can use in Florida.

Fillable Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Florida Motorcycle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Florida Motorcycle Registering Procedures

If you are a seller, make sure you follow the appropriate procedures so that the buyer can complete the motorcycle registration with no issues.

If you already use a different motorcycle (or a different vehicle) with the same license plate on it, get a demonstration only temporary tag to allow people interested in buying your motorcycle to test it themselves.

Ensure that you have the title, or obtain a copy by submitting the appropriate form to a motor vehicle service center (it comes with a fee). In case you have an electronic title, you still need to go to a motor vehicle service center together with the buyer. Take your photo identifications.

You would need a VIN (Vehicle Identification Number), as well as an Odometer Verification (see information on VIN inspection) if the motorcycle was not titled previously in Florida.

Remember that the seller in Florida always has to file the Bill of Sale/Notice of Sale form. If they have failed to do this and the buyer has not applied for the title and registration, the seller can be liable for the motorcycle.

If you are new to Florida, you must register and title your motorcycle within 30 days of your arrival to Florida. Initial registrations are done at a local service center at the time of titling.

How to Fill Out the Form

For the best result, you can use our Online Forms Building Software and fill out the Florida Bill of Sale form.

1.    Tick the box corresponding to the type of form you are completing

If you only need to complete the Notice of Sale to remove your name from the vehicle, the buyer’s signature is optional. To complete the Bill of Sale sections, tick the corresponding box.

Provide basic details about the motorcycle.

No matter what type of form you have decided to complete, the seller must fill out Sections 1 & 3 of the form in Florida. Section 1 includes information about the year, the make, the model, the body style, the motorcycle color, if the certificate of title number, and the vehicle identification number (VIN).

2.    Provide your details and signature

The seller must fill in their details, such as their printed name, address with the zip code, the date of sale, and the selling price.

3.    Provide the odometer reading in Section 2

When selling your motorcycle, obtain the odometer reading before completing the Bill of Sale and include the details in the Bill of Sale.

4.    State the personal details of the seller and the buyer.

Provide personal details of both parties in Section 3 in case you have chosen the Bill of Sale version.