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Free Fillable Florida Trailer Bill of Sale Form

In Florida, a Trailer Bill of Sale Form is also referred to as Form HSMV 82050. It is a legal document that confirms that the purchase of a trailer has been made and ensures transferring the ownership of the vehicle from the seller to the purchaser. Filling out the bill of sale template is mandatory for sellers as it is required by Florida law.

Florida bill of sale templates – this page will let you read additional information on other bills of sale that can be used in Florida.

Fillable Florida Trailer Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Florida Trailer Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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In the state of Florida, there is only one form that proves the purchasing and transferring procedure conducted between two parties. It operates for the following types of transport:

  • motor vehicle;
  • trailer home;
  • off-highway vehicle;
  • vessels (such as boats).

Trailers, unpowered structures, can be included in the list as they have a vehicle identification number, the model, make, manufacture year, and possess any other information that is required for the form, from now on referred to as the Trailer Bill of Sale Form.

The Trailer Bill of Sale can act as a Notice of Sale that informs the DHSMV that the vehicle has been sold and liberates you from liability for the vehicle after the transaction has been made.

According to section 320.06 of Florida Statutes, all standard license plates belong to the government and must be replaced every ten years. After the sale, license plates are not to be given to the buyer. The seller must remove them from the vehicle and then either to surrender them to the motor vehicle service center or transfer to a new vehicle.

Florida Trailer Registering Procedures

In Florida, to register your vehicle is a must. It is necessary to ensure its valid operation on the state roads. Please remember that you should register your vehicle within ten days of the purchase or owner establishing their residency in the state of Florida.

When a vehicle is being purchased from a dealer, you can be certain that the registration will be completed for you. If you’ve participated in a private sale, you are to submit all required information to the organization dealing with motor vehicle registration issues.

To register a trailer, make sure that you have provided the following information and documents:

  • First and foremost, you are to receive a bill of sale that has been acknowledged by a notary public. The document comprises all details of the transaction and is necessary for relieving the seller of any responsibility for the vehicle;
  • The completed form that verifies the VIN of the trailer. After buying a used car, it is essential to check if it has the VIN and, if it does, make it the subject of scrutiny;
  • Along with the VIN verification, provide the vehicle title. If the VIN does not match with the title, conduct a VIN inspection;
  • Odometer records are required only if your vehicle is no more than ten years old;
  • Proof of Florida Auto Insurance;
  • Completed an Application for Certification of Title With/Without Registration (Form HSMV 82040) for vehicles bought outside of the state;
  • A photo that confirms your identity;

The final requirement for vehicle registration is paying fees, including payment for title, Florida sales Fee, and other local fees.

After you’ve provided the necessary information and filled out the required forms, there will be just a few small steps left to make your vehicle legal.

How to Fill Out the Form

If you want to complete the Florida Trailer Bill of Sale form and make the procedure as easy as possible, read the following comprehensive step-by-step instruction:

1.    Insert the Necessary Information About Your Trailer

Once you’ve downloaded the form on your computer or opened the PDF page in the browser, you can start filling out the form. First and foremost, provide all required details about your trailer regarding its manufacture year, make, model, color, VIN, and title number certificate.

2.    Specify the Buyer’s Information

You are to enter the full name, address, including ZIP code, of a person who will purchase or have bought the trailer. Besides, specify the price of the trailer. In this section, you are also to input the date on which the sale has been conducted.

3.    Provide Odometer Disclosure Statement

If your vehicle is under ten years of age, state what mileage the odometer indicates. In the section, there is a warning about the consequences of providing a false declaration.

4.    Provide Signatures

The next section is the Certification. It requires information about the seller and co-seller, purchaser, and co-purchaser (names, addresses) along with their signatures.