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Free Fillable Georgia Boat Bill of Sale Form

Creating a Bill of Sale form is utterly important for those who want to protect themselves from probable future legal arguments concerning the sale and purchase procedures. This document legally proves transferring ownership of your property, as well as motor vehicles, vessels, and appliances. The bill of sale template varies from state to state in the US. Thus one should be exceptionally careful when creating this document.

In Georgia, the Boat Bill of Sale Form serves to evince seller(s) legal agreement and buyer(s) on conveying the rights to a motorboat. The fact that a motorboat has been sold and purchased needs to be reported to the GADNR within 15 days after the procedure, according to O.C.G.A. 52-7-5(j-k) state law of Georgia. This document is also necessarily required for further vessel registration. Do not forget to provide copies of the paper for both parties to keep records.

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Fillable Georgia Boat Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Georgia Boat Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Georgia Boat Registering Procedures

You cannot operate a motorboat and a boat longer than twelve feet in the state without registration, which should be initiated (online or offline) within 60 days after acquisition. Vessel registration expires after three calendar years.

The following set of documentation will be required:

  • Proof of Ownership (you may opt for the BOS)
  • Vessel Registration Application (if you are registering a vessel offline, it has to be signed)
  • Fee Receipts
  • Additional Documentation for GA Vessels with Paper Title, Brand New Vessels, Out-of-State Vessels, and Homemade Vessels

An individual who has recently obtained the rights to a motor vehicle as a result of a sale and purchase act will receive the existing registration number and a new registration period. Customers should not fail to provide the current address and other personal information.

When changing your address, or email address, remember to contact the GADNR and indicate up-to-date information.

How to Fill Out the Form

Filling out the Boat BOS form requires specific precision. Make sure that all information you provide is true and correct. Here is a simple step-by-step instruction you may wish to follow to successfully create the paper:

1.    Access the Template

The BOS form may be found and downloaded on the internet. To obtain the right paper, use our form building software.

2.    Describe the Vessel

Indicate the registration number of a motorboat, make, model, year, HIN (if the vessel was built after 1972), out of state registration number, length, and hull material.

3.    Input Info about the Outboard Motors

If there is an outboard motor (one or more), you will need to give details about it (whether it is less or larger than 25 HP). If an outboard motor happens to be over 25 HP, enter its serial number, make, and HP.

4.    Complete Info about a Lien

If there is a lien on the vessel, check the corresponding box, indicate the date of lien, lienholder name/company, and the address of this individual (company).

5.    Provide Info about the Hull Damage

If the vessel is hull damaged, it will be necessary to check the corresponding box. “Hull damaged” means creating a substantial risk to the integrity of the vessel’s hull.

6.    Enter Personal Data

Both seller(s) and buyer(s) are supposed to insert their full names, addresses, and the date (month, day, year) of the transaction.

7.    Put Your Signatures

Signing the document, both parties claim to have provided true information about the willful and voluntary agreement, being aware that making false or misleading statements may result in fine, imprisonment, or both.