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Free Fillable Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form

If you are selling or buying a vehicle, you may want to fill out a Bill of Sale form in Georgia. If you are selling or buying a trailer, a Bill of Sale can serve as proof of the transaction taking place and of you having paid the appropriate tax. It also will record that you have obtained the odometer reading. Completing a bill of sale example is advisable when making any kind of transaction to have proof of the deal happening and both sides acknowledging the conditions and the state of the vehicle, but you are not required by law to have one when selling a trailer in Georgia.

Georgia bill of sale templates – this page will let you read additional information on other bills of sale that can be used in Georgia.

Fillable Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Georgia Trailer Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Georgia Trailer Registering Procedures

The way registration works for a trailer depends on the type of trailer you have. For example, if your trailer weighs less than 3,500 pounds, and if you use it only to haul agricultural products between locations at your farm or between farms and fields, then you do not need to register it. The same applies to trailers that haul farm products to markets or to bring fertilizer to your farm. To see the full list and whether your particular trailer needs registration, check with the official resources on what vehicles are exempt from registration and titling.

In case you are selling a trailer that needs to be registered and titled in the state of Georgia, you have to apply for the title or transfer your license plate at a County Tag Office. If you are new to the state, do this within 30 days of moving. You will need your ID (a driver’s license) and information about the buyer and the seller. If your trailer was produced in 1985 or before that, you would need to provide the Bill of Sale. Remember to use your full legal name. You can also complete the registration by mailing your County Tag Office.

How to Fill Out the Form

For the best result, use our form building software to download the Trailer Bill of Sale form. Then fill it out following this step-by-step procedure.

1.    Read the description of the form to understand its use.

The form will serve as the evidence of a transaction taking place and the odometer reading being acknowledged by the purchaser.

2.    State the date of signing and the details of the seller/the transferor.

In case there is more than one seller of the trailer, all the names have to be listed here. Note that these have to be full legal names with addresses, including the zip codes.

3.    Provide the identifying details of the trailer.

Here state the identification number of the trailer and the make and the year when it was produced.

4.    Provide the details of the purchaser.

Fill in the full legal name of the buyer with the address, including the zip code.

5.    List liens, security interests, and encumbrances, if there are any.

The seller here confirms that there are no liens, security interests, and encumbrances or lists them.

6.    Confirm that the odometer reading has been acknowledged.

Provide the odometer reading and make sure that the purchaser acknowledges the reading when transferring the trailer.

7.    Fill out an additional section if the trailer is purchased outside of Georgia or due to a court order.

In case the trailer is purchased in a different state or pursuant to a court order, provide additional information, including information related to the price and the tax. If you have purchased the trailer in a different state or the trailer was pursuant to a court order, the title will not be issued unless proof of tax payment has been submitted.

8.    Finish the form with the signatures and printed names of the parties.

Complete the Bill of Sale form for your trailer by signing it and printing the seller’s names and the buyer.