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Free Fillable Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In Iowa, the Vehicle Bill of Sale Form is an official paper that proves that the sales transaction has been executed. Two parties will need to sign the free bill of sale template to keep records and accomplish the selling procedures.

Here is the list of documents the seller must prepare when intending to sell the vehicle to another individual possessing residency in the state of Iowa, according to the law of Iowa:

  • Odometer Statement
  • Certificate of Title
  • Bill of Sale
  • Damage Disclosure Statement

However, if the seller intends to transfer ownership to an Out-of-Iowa resident, only three of these will be needed:

  • Odometer Statement
  • Damage Disclosure Statement
  • Certificate of Title

Do not forget to remove the License Plate before selling your motor vehicle. Keep in mind that claiming a refund of unused registration fees is possible in some situations.

Iowa bill of sale templates – discover more bill of sale templates for Iowa with directions.

Fillable Iowa Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Iowa Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Iowa Vehicle Registering Procedures

The buyer who has obtained the vehicle is required to register the vehicle in his county within 30 days.

Ensure that you have prepared specific papers before applying for the registration, which is a Certificate of Title, serving as a current proof of ownership, and a signed by both parties applying for the Title.

You may additionally need:

  • Iowa Bill of Sale
  • Odometer Disclosure
  • Damage Disclosure
  • Insurance Card
  • ID (Driving License)

All the necessary information concerning the registration fees may be checked through your local county treasurer’s office. If the vehicle is not currently registered, it cannot legally be operated on the highways until the registration fees are paid.

When moving from one county to another, please inform your former county about this fact within ten days after you move so that the employee will forward this information to Iowa’s office.

How to Fill Out the Form

1.    Obtain the Document

Once you have decided to create the BOS in Iowa, you can download the template from any reliable source page on the Internet and use our form building software. It is highly recommended to be as precise and careful as possible at completing the form.

2.    Check Out whether Notarization Is Needed

Some county treasurers in Iowa require the document to be notarized; thus, you should contact your local county treasurer before submitting the document. Do not sign the document until you are completely sure it is not supposed to be notarized.

3.    Submit Essential Data

Firstly, it is required to input the full name of the individual who is selling the vehicle. Then write down the vehicle (make, year, VIN) and the buyer’s full name. Establish the price and the date of sale.

4.    Sign the Form

The seller will need to put his signature, affirming that he willfully agreed to convey his vehicle’s rights to the buyer.

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