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Free Fillable Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Completing and signing the Bill of Sale form adds another protection level to those who buy a vehicle. Every free bill of sale consists of the personal data of deal participants and vehicle features. In the US, rules of the form creation vary from state to state. Here are the details about this paper in Louisiana.

The Bill of Sale document in Louisiana is mandatory in the deal of vehicle selling in case there is no title certificate, as stated in the paragraph RS 32:707 of the state law. The signatories need to notarize such a form. The official name of the form in Louisiana says, “Bill of Sale of a Movable.”

In the state of Louisiana, the mentioned form is brief and contains only basic details about the vehicle, parties, and pricing.

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Fillable Louisiana Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Louisiana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Louisiana Vehicle Registering Procedures

As usual, one needs to gather a set of papers to complete the vehicle registration. In Louisiana, besides the bill of sale, the list of documents consists of:

  • ID card or driving license (a document that identifies you and carries your photo)
  • Title Certificate
  • Certificate of Inspection
  • Vehicle Application
  • Insurance Proof
  • Registration of the vehicle (from a former owner)

A new owner has to obtain a new registration in 20 days after buying a vehicle. The applications are accepted in the local Office of Motor Vehicles. You may find one in each Louisiana parish. Every vehicle purchaser needs to provide the office with the full documents package.

Vehicle Application is a special form that is applied in Louisiana. The form number is DPSMV 1799.

Vehicle registration in Louisiana also means paying all the fees and taxes that are included in the process. For instance, you will have to pay four percent of the vehicle price additionally.

There are several additional conditions that you should follow while registering a vehicle in Louisiana. Firstly, if the vehicle is less than ten years old, add the documents’ mileage number. Secondly, the person that finances the purchase will need to add a UCC-1 Financing Statement or a security agreement. A chattel mortgage works as well.

How to Fill Out the Form

The form in Louisiana is simple and does not have any irrelevant details. Here is the guide to creating one, step by step. Do not forget to ask a notary to participate in the signing moment.

1.    Download the Form Template

You can use our form building software to download the Louisiana Bill of Sale sample. Open the downloaded document and start filling out easily.

2.    Insert Parish

The first thing you see in this form is a line where you must insert Louisiana’s parish where the deal is taking place.

3.    Add Names of Parties

The next lines of the form are for adding the parties’ names. First comes the name of the one who sells a vehicle, and then a purchaser’s name.

4.    Insert Vehicle Characteristics

Here, parties should provide some details about the vehicle. This section includes the lines for a manufacturer and vehicle model, VIN (a unique Vehicle identification number), and a year of production.

5.    State the Vehicle Price

Add the final price of the vehicle and insert the sale date.

6.    Read the Following Content

This is applicable to the selling side. You have to confirm that the vehicle is free from encumbrances, liens, or similar circumstances.

7.    Complete Signing with Date and Signatures

Finally, add the date when the form is signed and put the parties’ and the notary’s signatures.

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