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Free Fillable Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale form states an agreement between a seller/ a licensed dealer and a purchaser. It defines the price, the vehicle’s specifications, ID number, odometer readings, and lien encumbrances (if any). The document doesn’t require a notary public witnessing and appears to be a mandatory part of Maine’s vehicle registering procedures.

You will find the essential information about registration and comprehensive guidelines for completing the free bill of sale form below.

Maine bill of sale forms – this particular section will help you know more about other bills of sale you can use in Maine.

Fillable Maine Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Maine Vehicle Registering Procedures

Prior to listing the essential documents required at the registration, let us emphasize that registering a dealer-sale-purchased vehicle and a private-sale-purchased vehicle states slight differences that we will cover in the corresponding section.

In Maine, a buyer must take the responsibility to register the newly purchased vehicle himself or herself even if the passenger vehicle is obtained with a dealer. Residents of the state have a gap of 30 days to complete registration after the purchase or establishing residency.

Regard this list of mandatory certificates and documents you need to submit while registering a motor vehicle:

  • A Bill of Sale Form from a dealer or a signed Vehicle Bill of Sale if you have purchased your car from a private seller. We advise completing the pattern from the official State of Maine Bureau of Motor Vehicles website as the document includes a comprehensive odometer disclosure section.
  • A driver’s license appropriate for Maine state.
  • Title application for dealership agreements or a title signed and transferred to you from the previous owner for private deals.
  • Verification of insurance or Maine ID card
  • Be ready to adjust the excise tax at your local Maine Municipality. If you are going to register a new vehicle, please, make sure to provide the manufacturer’s suggested retail price sticker or its copy.
  • The white and yellow copy of your registration application form and the excise tax cheque.
  • Prepare to fulfill the payment obligations — registration fees and taxes relying on the plate type. Calculate the charges following the Motor Vehicle Registration Fees table. For an additional charge, you are encouraged to search and order a vanity plate. This service is available online and requires 25 USD annual fee payments.

The below charges are relevant if you hold acquisition with a private party.

  • 5 percent Maine Sales Tax — the amount relies on the price of the vehicle.
  • Extra fees of 33 USD for title application will be charged for models that are newer than 1995.

If the chosen Municipality doesn’t belong to the state registration platform, it is obligatory to visit the local Bureau of Motor Vehicles office in person.

How to Fill Out the Form

You may find various Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale patterns valid in Maine. We will provide guides to fill out both alternatives, as these patterns provide odometer readings and similar structures.

Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Pattern 1.

Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale Pattern 2. (Maine’s Motor Vehicle Department recommendation)

1.    Download the Form

You are welcome to use our form building software to download the form and start filling it out immediately.

2.    Fill Out the Names

Define the parties’ full legal names—print down the seller’s and the buyer’s data.

3.    Render the Price and Vehicle Specifications

Write down the USD’s price and insert the following vehicle characteristics into the slots — year, make, model, Vehicle ID Number (VIN), body type, and color.

4.    Disclose Odometer Readings

Read the paragraph carefully and write down the odometer readings in miles. If applicable, check one of the slots that reflects valid data.

5.    Submit Lienholder Information

Check the box if the statement is true, and there is no lien encumbrance on this vehicle.

6.    Define the Seller’s Information

Collect the seller’s signature, address, and date of the agreement.

7.    Define the Purchaser’s Information

Collect the purchaser’s signature, complete address, and date of the agreement.

Make sure to review the defined data accurately. Do not sign the documents beforehand, as your signature provides complete consent to everything listed in the document.

You don’t need to notarize the Maine Vehicle Bill of Sale; thus, these data will be enough. Let the buyer collect the original. Make copies for the record.

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