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Free Fillable Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form

While selling mobile homes, buyers and sellers need a way to conduct the sale lawfully and record the transaction. A mobile home bill of sale form allows both sides to secure their interests when transferring ownership over an asset. Such documents offer multiple advantages and help sell or purchase a property from other individuals fast and conveniently.

Fillable Mobile Home Bill of Sale Form
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What Is a Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

A mobile home bill of sale refers to a legal document, which the seller and the buyer sign to confirm the transition of ownership. While bills of sale frequently act as direct proofs of ownership, their role is actually to record the transaction and its conditions on paper. Such documents must specify all details of the deal, including personal information of the participants, description of the mobile home itself, and payment terms. A bill of sale template allows using multiple payment methods, such as cash, checks, wire transfers, and promissory notes.

Mind that you are not always required to sign a bill of sale template when buying or selling mobile homes. This depends on the laws of your state and county; make sure to check them out before signing the bill. Using bills of sale when transferring property is always a decent idea. Even if it’s not required by your state’s regulations, consider signing this document to prevent legal disputes.

In most states, the sides don’t need to engage independent witnesses or public notaries to sign a bill of sale. However, each template still contains a space for a notary acknowledgment, so you can invite a witness if needed. Note that selling mobile homes involves resolving multiple issues with the land where it is currently placed. If you don’t own the land or don’t want to sell it alongside your mobile home, the transaction will resemble selling any motor vehicle. However, if there’s a need to transfer ownership over the land, the process will be quite similar to selling real estate.

Advantages of Mobile Home Bills of Sale

Mobile home bills of sale are quite simple to compose and fill in, which allows the sides to complete the deal in a timely manner. These documents are useful for proving ownership over assets, for instance, in courts or banks. When trying to qualify for a loan, make sure to provide bills of sale for all valuable items in your possession. Bills of sale are useful for preventing legal disputes, as they specify all details of the transaction and confirm the parties’ agreement over the terms.

How to Design a Proper Mobile Home Bill of Sale?

Creating a legally valid mobile home bill of sale form involves completing the sequence of simple steps:

  • Provide necessary personal information about the sides. A bill of sale should contain the buyer’s and seller’s names, mailing addresses, and emails. It’s also suggested (though not required) to specify mobile phone numbers of the sides.
  • Specify the details of the home being sold. The parameters that should be outlined on a bill of sale include the home’s manufacturer, model, size, year of production, location, and serial number. Serial numbers on mobile homes are, essentially, identical to Vehicle Identification Numbers on usual cars. You can find the number inside the house, most likely in the utility cabinet.
  • Provide payment details. A mobile home bill of sale form should contain a detailed explanation of the payment method that will be used to close the deal. The sides are free to use any option they prefer, as long as it’s specified on the bill. If the whole sum is transferred to the seller at the moment of signing the document, the sides won’t have any liabilities to each other.
  • Sign the document. Once the payment is made, all the involved parties, including independent witnesses (if any), must leave their signatures. This section should also contain the date of the transaction.

If you aren’t sure how to create a proper bill of sale, consider checking out our library of free forms. We provide a printable PDF template for each type of property, including mobile homes. If there’s no document capable of meeting your needs, use our online form builder to create a custom solution.

How to Sell a Mobile Home with a Bill of Sale?

Complete the following steps to sell your mobile home successfully:

  • Meet with the buyer to negotiate on the price.
  • Let the buyer inspect the property (possibly inviting a certified inspector).
  • Arrange a date for the final meeting. As a seller, you’ll need to gather all documents, including the title, information about past repairs, and insurances.
  • Meet with the buyer to finish the deal. At this stage, the sides sign a bill of sale and transfer the ownership rights.
  • Register the newly obtained house (buyers only).