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Free Fillable Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

One of the documents every citizen wants to possess is a BOS form, which serves to protect your property, vehicles, and appliances during the sale and purchase procedures and later on. This sample bill of sale is often required to complete the further registration procedures in most of America’s states; however, one should be carefully studying the details about the requirements.

Montana’s residents are supposed to create the Vehicle Bill of Sale Form (another name of which is Form MV-24) when they intend to title a motor vehicle they have acquired. The paper is legal, and it is proof of the sale and purchase transaction of a vehicle between individuals. It will become an important document for both parties; exchanging personal information for future protection is probably vehicle-related legal arguments.

The Montana Vehicle BOS contains both parties’ data and the details about a motor vehicle and the Odometer Statement, which gives a clear understanding of the vehicle mileage.

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Fillable Montana Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Montana Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Montana Vehicle Registering Procedures

Once the acquisition is committed, an individual is obliged to apply for the registration of a motor vehicle (it will not be necessary if the transaction happens through a licensed dealership, which is usually responsible for the paperwork). The titling and registering process is regulated by the Vehicle Services Bureau (VSB) in the state and should be applied immediately after the vehicle’s sale.

Here is what a Montana resident needs to do to complete the registering procedures:

  • Apply for titling at the treasurer’s office in your local county
  • Prepare your previous Certificate of Title.
  • Complete the Statement of Fact (Form MV100) (if requested)
  • Pay the fees

According to MCA 61-6-301 of Montana law, once you have received the Certificate of Title and the license plates, you will always need to keep a copy of the registration receipt in the car.

Those people who newly arrived in the state will be supposed to register their vehicles within 60 days after obtaining residency.

How to Fill Out the Form

As the Vehicle BOS Form is necessarily required to successfully register your motor vehicle, you should be utterly precise while completing the paper. No section should be skipped. It is also important to mention that the document has to be notarized.

A simple step-by-step guide on how to fill in the form is there below:

1.    Get the Template

The PDF template of the Vehicle BOS is available on various websites, though make sure that the source you are downloading from is reliable. In order to opt for a correct document, use our form building software.

2.    Complete the Buyer’s Data

The seller should enter the price and provide the purchaser’s personal information (full name, ID, and address).

3.    Input the Details about the Vehicle

The sold vehicle’s description includes the year of its production, model, style, VIN, and license plates number. If two parties establish agreement on a salvage vehicle, or a vehicle sold for parts only, corresponding boxes should be checked.

4.    Enter the Odometer Reading

The seller is about to provide information about the type of odometer (either five or six digits), and the correct mileage, as well the date of this data reflected. If applicable, you should also mention that the odometer is in excess of its mechanical limits. In the case of an odometer discrepancy, check the corresponding box.

5.    Provide the Signatures

Both buyer(s) and the seller(s) confirm that the document’s information is true and correct. The act of transferring ownership has been willful and voluntary by signing the paper. First, it is required for the buyer to print his full name, sign the document, and insert the acquisition date. Then, the seller should print his full name, insert the date, sign the form, and enter his current address.

Once the notarization of the document has been completed, it becomes a legislative paper.

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