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Free Fillable Nebraska Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In the US, a bill of sale is a paper that reveals the details of a vehicle sale deal between two parties (individuals). In some states, it is required so the new owner may register a vehicle and his or her official possession. When it is not obligatory, this document also proves that the sale deal had taken place and is closed now.

In the paper, signatories provide their personal details and information about the deal object (vehicle). Some states require notarizing of the form.

It is obligatory when one sells or buys a motor vehicle in the state of Nebraska. According to the rules of vehicle registration in Nebraska provided by the local government (Department of Motor Vehicles), a bill of sale is required in this state to obtain the registration paper.

However, another option: a person who had purchased a vehicle may also provide a special Form 6 approved by the Nebraska Department of Revenue. It is a local statement of Sales or Use tax and a tire fee specifically for vehicles and trailers’ sales. You can always contact the local state office to consult about this form and receive it if needed.

Nebraska is also in the US states list where you have to call a notary for completing the bill of sale template.

Nebraska bill of sale templates – this category can help you learn more about other bills of sale useful in Nebraska.

Fillable Nebraska Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Nebraska Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Nebraska Vehicle Registering Procedures

Every state has its own package of documents to provide when buyers register vehicles, and rules vary. Also, the process requires several fees and taxes to pay. In Nebraska, a needed documents list contains the following:

  • A document that identifies you (your ID card or driving license)
  • Title certificate
  • Bill of Sale
  • Insurance Proof

Additionally, a person who registers a vehicle needs to prove that all the fees and taxes are paid.

The local Department of Motor Vehicles prescribes vehicle owners to get a title certificate in 30 days after the deal.

When the document package is ready, you need to apply to the Department of Motor Vehicles in Nebraska.

How to Fill Out the Form

A bill of sale template in Nebraska looks more like a two parties-contract. It has the statement section and two columns for both signatories with their details. The form has a length of one paper sheet only, and filling out will not take more than 10 or 15 minutes.

Here are the simple instructions to complete the form in Nebraska. Do not forget to call a notary to confirm the paper.

1.   Download the Template

Firstly, you must download the form. Use our form building software to do it. Then, open the downloaded document and print it, if needed. You also can insert the data via your laptop, except for the signatures.

2.   Insert the Date

Below the title, insert the date of the form signing and sale.

3.   Add Names and Vehicle Price

The section begins with a line to add the name of the selling party. The second line is for the price in US dollars, and the third is for the name of the one who buys.

4.   Insert Info about the Vehicle

This section adds the basic details about the vehicle: the vehicle brand and model, a unique Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), and a year of production.

5.   Fill in Personal Details

Add full names, addresses, ZIP codes, and valid phone numbers for both parties: seller’s (transferor’s) on the left side and purchaser’s (transferee’s) on the right. Under the details, both parties have to sign.

6.   Ask Notary to Confirm

A notary should also sign both sides of the form in the relevant lines and add the sale date.

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