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Free Fillable North Carolina Firearm Bill of Sale Form

In the state of North Carolina, the Firearm Bill of Sale Form is also referred to as the Gun Bill of Sale Form. It is a document that proves that the gun purchase deal has been concluded. The form protects the buyer’s ownership rights that have been transferred. It is required that the documents be signed by the two parties themselves and acknowledged by a notary public. The bill of sale template contains information about the seller and the buyer and includes details relating to the firearm itself.

North Carolina bill of sale templates – find more bill of sale documents for North Carolina along with guidelines.

Fillable North Carolina Firearm Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable North Carolina Firearm Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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North Carolina Firearm Registering Procedures

In the state of North Carolina, laws with regard to firearms might be different in every county. Although no particular registering procedure is required, the state has rather strict rules concerning gun ownership.

If you buy a used firearm, to prove a change of proprietorship, you are also to provide the Concealed Carry Weapon License along with a Bill of Sale Form. If you don’t have one, you can apply for it in any state of the USA as North Carolina recognizes a license from any state. It is not very difficult to obtain such a license, but there are several requirements that you are obliged to meet:

  • A person who wants to conceal a gun must be a resident of the United States of America.
  • It is impossible to obtain the license unless you are 21 years old.
  • Keep in mind that you can’t visit a new county and apply for a license right after you have arrived – you must establish residency and stay for at least thirty days there.
  • Good mental and physical health is another requirement for getting a CCW license – the state must make sure that you can handle a gun and use it for sensible purposes.
  • Do not forget to provide your driver’s license and complete a specific training course.

Once you have proved that you have a legal right to have and conceal a gun, you must take a training course that includes a written test and a target shooting examination. You are to pass both parts of the course examination. As a rule, you are guided by instructors, so you can rest assured that you have a lot of chances to pass the exams on your first try.

Although you have obtained a permit to carry a concealed weapon, be aware of the fact that there are places in which the law prohibits concealment of a firearm. You can find a full list of such places in the Firearm Gun Laws Manual.

To apply for the license, you can visit a local sheriff’s office. Some sheriffs may ask several witnesses to prove that you are the person who you claim you are and get some information about your character. In some cases, sheriffs can do without witnesses but require that the person who wants to get a permit should wait a longer period so that the sheriff can check all the information received. It takes a long time for an individual to obtain permission. In North Carolina, the waiting period is about 45 calendar days. There are several options regarding how you can get the license. You may request that the license should be sent via e-mail, or you can visit the sheriff’s office to which you have applied the documentation and get the paper in person. However, keep in mind that all the requirements and other details of the procedure can vary from county to county.

How to Fill Out the Form

Although the North Carolina Bill of Sale Form is four pages long, the form is not very time-consuming. For a better understanding of how to fill it out, read the following step-by-step instruction.

1.    Download the Form

Make use of our form building software to download the form. You are allowed to input the information on the computer or any other device, but you are to print the document in order to sign it.

2.    Input the Seller’s Details

In the first line of the section, insert the seller’s full name. The next two lines of the form require that you should write the seller’s full address, including city, state, and a ZIP code. In the next line, provide the number of the seller’s valid driving license.

3.    Insert the Buyer’s Info

In this part of the form, you are to provide personal details of the person who has acquired the firearm (from now on, the Buyer). Ensure that you have inserted all the required information, including the full name, mailing address, and driver’s license number.

4.    Describe the Firearm

You are also required to provide key characteristics of the firearm. Indicate the model, caliber, serial number, and who is the manufacturer of the gun. Double-check the information you have provided to avoid inaccuracies.

5.    Provide Information About the Sale

In the section, you are to indicate the amount of money of the firearm that the buyer has agreed to pay (selling price). Do not forget to indicate the date on which the sale was conducted. Tick the box below if the seller agrees to trade the firearm and specify the details relating to the trade’s details, the firearm, and the other party.

6.    Provide Witnesses’ Signatures

All the people appointed as witnesses must acknowledge that the seller and the buyer have made a legal deal. The two parties and witnesses are to sign the document. The date of the purchase must also be indicated.

7.    Norotize the Document

The form must be acknowledged and signed by a notary public. The notary agent must insert the date of the purchase and the place in which it took place.