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Free Fillable Pennsylvania Vehicle Bill of Sale Form

In the USA, a Vehicle Bill of Sale Form is required when you purchase a certain type of vehicle from an individual or a dealership. The document must be acknowledged and signed by the two parties themselves and by a notary public. The paper serves several purposes. Firstly, it proves that the purchase of a motor vehicle has taken place. Secondly, it confirms that the buyer has the legal right to own the vehicle, and the seller has been relieved from any responsibility for the vehicle. The requirements concerning your completing the form may vary from state to state. Still, all the states demand that the general information about the vehicle, purchaser, and seller should be included in the free bill of sale. In the majority of states, those who participate in a private sale need the document to complete the registering procedure.

Pennsylvania bill of sale forms – this page can help you learn more about some other bills of sale that can be used in Pennsylvania.

Fillable Pennsylvania Vehicle Bill Of Sale Form
Download your fillable Pennsylvania Vehicle Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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In Pennsylvania, a Vehicle Bill of Sale Form serves the same purposes. It claims that the deal has been conducted, and the two parties have agreed to all the sale conditions. The document also includes the details about the two parties, the vehicle, and its price. In the state of Pennsylvania, the seller can specify whether he sells or gives the vehicle as a gift.

In the state, the form is a part of a larger document, which is three pages long. The document consists of three forms:

  • Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale, which verifies the legitimacy of the conducted sale and purchase;
  • Odometer Disclosure Statement, which indicates how many miles the odometer reading shows and if it matches with actual mileage. The form must be signed in the presence of two witnesses who are to provide their signatures, too;
  • Certificate of Acknowledgement, which includes a statement acknowledging the execution of the sale. The form serves as the notarization of the bill of sale.

Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Registering Procedures

In the state of PA, according to DMV rules, whether it is a vehicle acquired within or out of state, the purchaser of the vehicle must obtain a registration to have a legal right to drive on the state’s roads and avoid penalties.

Buying a vehicle from a private seller means taking all the responsibilities for the registering procedure. If you register a vehicle on your own, do not forget to submit the Manufacturer Certificate of Origin (also referred to as the Manufacturer Statement of Origin). The document is needed only when you have purchased a new car. It states that the vehicle has never been registered before.

When purchasing a vehicle from a dealer, be aware of the fact that the official dealer must go through the procedure, and submit all the necessary documents on your behalf.

You are not allowed to use your vehicle until you have prepared the following papers, apart from the documents mentioned above, and visited the nearest PennDot office to submit them:

  • The registration procedure never goes without your providing the driving license and ID proving your legal right to drive a motor vehicle;
  • It is required that you provide photo identification;
  • Bill of Sale is another document you will need to register your vehicle. The paper will not be accepted without signatures from a notary public;
  • Titling your vehicle is an essential step in the procedure. Keep in mind that if you are a new resident of the state, you are to apply for the titling procedure within twenty calendar days of registering residency in the state (Form MV-1). If you buy a used car, make sure that the former owner of the title has signed it over;
  • Provide documentation establishing your auto insurance that ensures the coverage of all losses if an accident happens;
  • After purchasing a used car, you must request that the seller provide the odometer reading details. Filling in the form, one of the boxes (whether the mileage indicated by the odometer reading is accurate or not) must be ticked;
  • If the selling price is estimated as less than 80 percent of the fair market price, the seller must state the reasons the price has been decreased and have the Form MV-3 (Motor Vehicle Verification of Fair Market Value by the Issuing Agent) handed over to the buyer for the registration.
  • When a vehicle is given as a gift, and no payment is required, attach the Form MV13-ST (also known as Affidavit of Gift).

To complete the registration procedure, provide evidence that you have paid all the required fees.

How To Fill Out the Form

1.Download the Form

First and foremost, use our form building software to fill out the Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Bill of Sale Form. Input the information and then print it to sign.

2. Insert the Information About the Parties

You are to add the buyer’s and the purchaser’s full name and address.

3. Tick the Box

In the next section, choose one of the boxes provided. If you have bought the vehicle, choose the first one, and input the selling price. If you have traded in a vehicle, select the second one, and indicate the price. If you have received it as a gift, choose the third one and insert the price the vehicle is estimated at. In this section, you can also describe the vehicle (insert the main characteristics and VIN).

4. Choose the Box

This time you are to state whether the taxes are included in the purchase price or not.

5. Add Other Conditions

If you have something to add, write it in the last section of the sale form bill.

6. Fill Out the Other Forms

After you have completed the two forms that go after the bill of sale, you can sign and notarize the document.

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