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Free Fillable RV Bill of Sale Form

A recreational vehicle (RV) bill of sale form should be utilized when transferring ownership over the given vehicle type from one party to another. Selling RVs with bills of sale is strongly recommended, as these documents help prevent fraud and can prove that you are the vehicle’s rightful owner. In addition, depending on the state of residence, bills of sale may be necessary to register newly obtained RVs with the authorities.

Fillable RV Bill of Sale Form
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What Is an RV Bill of Sale?

A bill of sale refers to a legal document, which is signed by a buyer and a seller during transferring ownership over a certain asset. Bills of sale are used for selling and purchasing almost any type of personal property, including jewelry, livestock, and, of course, RVs. These documents help secure the rights of both parties by creating a comprehensive record of the transaction on paper.

A bill of sale template should include information about the buyer and the seller, the vehicle itself, and the deal’s conditions. It’s suggested to cover as many details as possible since they can provide necessary evidence regarding the rights of ownership. This is essential to avoid legal disputes. Bills of sale should be signed whenever you’re purchasing or selling a property to any individual, although some states allow conducting the transactions without these documents.

Why Use Bills of Sale to Sell RVs?

Bills of sale are beneficial to both parties involved in the deal. From the buyers’ perspective, these documents act as legit proof of ownership. Holding a valid RV bill of sale form may assist you in qualifying for a bank loan. The sellers use bills of sale to ensure that they won’t be held accountable for any issues that occur with the goods after their transfer. Both sides confirm their acknowledgment of the RV’s condition while signing the bill. Hence, the seller won’t be liable if there is any damage discovered after the deal.

How to Sell an RV With a Bill of Sale?

Selling an RV with a maximum profit requires following several simple steps. Here’s the sequence of actions you should take:

  • Prepare your RV. Before selling an RV, it’s highly suggested to make all necessary repairs and remove old rust. Since you’ll need to actively market your RV, ensure that its condition is as close to perfection as possible. At this stage, you also need to obtain a Vehicle Identification Number (VIN).
  • Find out the value of your vehicle. Any RV owner knows the estimated price of their vehicle, so getting a general understanding of the market shouldn’t be difficult. Consider comparing your RV with similar offerings in your area to receive the approximate price of the vehicle.
  • Choose a way to sell the RV. RVs are quite valuable assets, so you may consider reaching out to a broker to sell your vehicle faster. It’s generally suggested to use brokers’ services if your lot is worth more than 40,000 dollars. If your vehicle is cheaper than that, market it online or in local themed magazines.
  • Negotiate details of the deal. Meet with buyers to come up with a suitable price and payment method. Provide the buyer with a possibility to review the RV’s condition, exterior, and interior to ensure that the price is fair.
  • Sign a bill of sale and finish the transaction. At this stage, the parties meet to sign an RV bill of sale form and close the deal. If you agree on transferring the funds at the moment of purchase, you’ll receive the full price of the vehicle right away.

Writing a Proper RV Bill of Sale

When designing a bill of sale, one should include as much information about the sides as possible. Here’s a list of things to specify on a bill:

  • Personal information about the parties. This includes their names, mailing addresses, emails, and phone numbers. When dealing with RVs, both sides should also provide their license numbers.
  • Information about the vehicle. This section specifies all details of the transferred RV, such as the make, model, year of production, and VIN. The seller should also provide a description of the RV’s condition and the total mileage it has traveled.
  • Transaction details. Information about the payment method utilized, the price of the vehicle, and the date of sale are recorded in this section.
  • Signatures of the involved parties. After filling in the whole bill, all the participants of the deal place their signatures. Each party receives a copy of the document signed by all other sides. If the deal involves independent witnesses, such as a public notary, they must sign the bill as well.

There may be situations when you aren’t sure if a created RV bill of sale satisfies all official requirements. In this case, consider downloading a printable document template from our website. We offer a wide array of free forms in PDF, DOCX, and other formats. If nothing from the library meets your needs, check out our form builder tool. It’ll assist you in creating a custom solution fast and easily.