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Free Fillable Texas Boat Bill of Sale Form

A Bill of Sale is a type of form that contains information about the transfer of the rights to a boat between the seller and the buyer. The Texas laws require that the seller provides a Bill of Sale or an alternative document that serves the same purposes. You can check the full list of these documents on the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department website, but it is usually much easier to fill out a bill of sale template that contains all the required information. Often the buyer and the seller complete a Bill of Sale form even if it is not a legal requirement to do so because it is beneficial, especially for the seller. When the Bill of Sale exists, it is easier to prove that you are not liable for the boat anymore, and keeping the details in one document helps.

Texas bill of sale templates – browse bills of sale related to other things in the State of Texas.

Fillable Texas Boat Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Texas Boat Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Texas Boat Registering Procedures

If you are the purchaser, always ask for an original title with the buyer’s name on it and a Bill of Sale and check that both are signed by the seller or somebody who can legally act for them.

After receiving the title and a Bill of Sale from the seller, the buyer needs to complete the rest of the application by submitting the appropriate form. Complete the process within 45 days of the sale; otherwise, you may receive a fine.

Remember to check the current tax requirements.

Note that the trailers go through a separate process, so contact a local tax assessor-collector office for that.

How to Fill Out the Form

Use our form building software to complete the bill of sale quickly and with no mistakes. Remember to complete all of the following steps.

1.    Provide a description of the boat.

A Bill of Sale for a boat in Texas has to include the boat’s description and the outboard motor. You need to state at least the TX or the serial number, the make, and the year the boat was produced.

2.    State the details of the sale.

State the date of sale and the selling price. Remember not to include the price of the trailer because there is a separate procedure for that.

3.    Provide the details of the seller and the purchaser.

Include the full names and addresses of both the seller and the buyer.

4.    Sign the form.

If you are the seller, make sure to sign the form. If you are the purchaser, check that the seller has done it.