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Free Fillable Texas Firearm Bill of Sale Form

A Bill of Sale is a commonly used legal form that serves as proof of a transfer of the rights for a firearm between the seller and the buyer. Signing a Bill of Sale is beneficial, especially for the seller, as it confirms that the transaction has taken place. In Texas, you do not need to register your firearm with the local authorities, but you need to meet certain requirements to carry the firearm. If you want to carry it openly, make sure it is in a shoulder or belt holster.

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Fillable Texas Firearm Bill of Sale Form
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Texas Firearm Registering Procedures

Licensed carry of a firearm is legal. Some people cannot obtain a firearm license. For example, people who are not yet 21 years old, fugitives and felons, and some other categories. The dealers need to make sure that they do not sell a firearm to a person who is not allowed to purchase one because of their age, but private sellers could sell a firearm to someone who is over 18. Unlike in some other states, in Texas, concealed carrying is possible with a license but open carrying.

In Texas, the Department of Public Safety issues licenses. You can apply for the license online. You will need the following:

  • an identification card, or your driver’s license;
  • your personal details, such as your name, address, email, and employment information;
  • background information regarding psychiatric, addiction (drug or alcohol), and criminal history;
  • credit card.

If you are a new user, you will need to provide in the bill of sale template additional information regarding your addresses and employment in the last five years. Non-residents of the state can also apply.

The Department of Public Safety also provides the training required for obtaining a license.

If you want to take your firearm to a different state, you need to make sure that the state honors the license to carry that is issued by the Texas Department of Public Safety.

How to Fill Out the Form

Use our form building software to fill out a Bill of Sale form if you transfer the rights to a firearm in Texas. Follow these steps:

1.    Confirm that you are legally allowed to buy a firearm.

The purchaser needs to read the form carefully and confirm that they are allowed to purchase a firearm. Then they need to print their name and add their signature.

2.    Provide the details of the firearm.

The seller must provide the required information about the firearm, such as the model, the serial number of the firearm, the make, and the caliber. Here they also indicate the price.

3.    Provide the details of the buyer and the seller.

Both the seller and the buyer need to include their names, addresses, driver’s licenses, concealed weapon licenses, and phone numbers.

4.    Sign the form.

The buyer and the seller need to sign the form and include the date of the sale and conditions of the sale.