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Free Fillable Utah Firearm Bill of Sale Form

A Bill of Sale form is a commonly used legal form that serves as proof of a transfer of the rights for a firearm between the seller and the buyer. Signing a Bill of Sale is beneficial, especially for the seller, as it confirms that the transaction has taken place. In Texas, you do not need to register your firearm with the local authorities, but you need to meet certain requirements to carry the firearm. If you want to carry it openly, make sure it is in a shoulder or belt holster.

Because of no necessity to register a firearm, there is no documentation that you don’t need any additional papers with you, and there is no certain place for registration.

Utah bill of sale templates – discover more bill of sale documents for Utah with instructions.

Fillable Utah Firearm Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Utah Firearm Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Utah Firearm Registering Procedures

Licensed carry of a firearm is legal. Some people cannot obtain a firearm license, such as people who are not yet 21 years old. But people who are over eighteen years old can possess a gun or a pistol. People under this age can also have them, but the parents must submit written permission to it. According to the U.S.C. 76-10-5, fugitives and felons, and people of some other categories cannot possess or buy a firearm. If you are not a restricted person, while purchasing from an official dealer, you need to submit an ATF Form 4477. The dealers need to make sure that they do not sell a firearm to a person who is not allowed to purchase one because of their age, but private sellers could sell a firearm to someone who is over 21. Unlike in some other states, in Utah, concealed carrying is possible with a license but open carrying.

List of info that the seller and the purchaser must provide to make the document valid:

  • Seller’s full legal name
  • The physical address of the seller’s place of residence (with city and state)
  • Seller’s DL number
  • Purchaser’s full legal name
  • Purchaser’s physical address (with city and state)
  • Purchaser’s DL number
  • Price of the firearm.
  • A detailed description of the firearm with make, model, gauge, and batch number
  • Date of the transaction, indicating the day, month, and year
  • Signatures of all participants in the transfer of property rights

How to Fill Out the Form

Below you will find information on creating and filling out a Utah Bill of Sale yourself. This form is easy to fill out and is only one page long. Most likely, signatories will not spend much effort and time to finish the form completion.

  1. Download the template

To successfully fill out the Utah Bill Of Sale Form, use our Form Building Software. Download the document on our website to fill it out electronically or print it out and fill it out in writing. You can download the document in any format that suits you.

  1. Enter seller and buyer information

In the first section of the document, you need to provide all the necessary information about the seller and the purchaser: the name of the seller and the purchaser, the actual address of the seller and the purchaser, the cities and the states of the seller and the purchaser’s places of residence. First, the information about the seller is entered. After that, it is necessary to enter the information about the purchaser.

  1. Enter vehicle information

In the second section of the document, you need to enter the following information about the firearm. You need to specify: Model, Gauge, Firearm number, and  Make.

  1. Indicate the price of the vehicle

In this section, you need to indicate the vehicle’s price, indicating the writing price in dollars. After that, you need to duplicate the price in figures in dollars. In the same section, you must indicate the date (day, month, and year) of the price-setting for the vehicle and the date (day, month, and year), no later than which the payment must be transferred from the buyer to the seller. In case there are other small details about this bargain, you should also write them down in a special place in the document.

  1. Enter information from the seller

In this section, the seller is obliged to indicate all information about the firearm. If it has any breakdowns, the seller is obliged to indicate them in this section of the document.

  1. Sign the document

In the last section of the document, the seller must indicate their full legal name in printed letters, sign, and signature date. After that, the purchaser must indicate their full legal name in printed letters and sign and indicate the signature date.