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Free Fillable Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale Form

In Virginia’s state, the Firearm Bill of Sale Form is used to prove that the gun purchase deal has been concluded. The free bill of sale protects the buyer’s ownership rights that have been transferred. It is required that the documents be signed by the two private parties themselves and acknowledged by a notary public. The form contains information about the seller and the buyer and includes details relating to the firearm itself. The form is also used when applying for a CCW license.

Virginia bill of sale forms – consider several other bills of sale used in Virginia.

Fillable Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale Form
Download your fillable Virginia Firearm Bill of Sale Form in PDF format:
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Virginia Firearm Registering Procedures

In Virginia, you don’t have to get a permit to sell, purchase a firearm, or present a gun as a gift, but the law requires that a buyer should have a legal right to possess it. You don’t need to register a firearm, but you are to obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon.

To prove a change of proprietorship, you are also to provide the Concealed Carry Weapon License along with a Bill of Sale Form. If you don’t have one, you can apply for it in any local sheriff’s office. Keep in mind that the Virginia CCW license is valid for only five years after obtaining a permit, so you will have to renew it every five years to ensure safety for other living beings around you. The procedure is not very complex, but there are several requirements that you are obliged to meet:

  • You can obtain a license if you have reached the age of 21 and are of sound mind;
  • If you are not a resident of the state, it is necessary to fill out an application form (Form SP-248). It is four pages long and requires that individuals provide personal information, including their full name, address, physical features, date of birth, phone number, and proof of U.S. citizenship. An applicant must also indicate details regarding any charges against them or criminal history, drug or alcohol addiction, mental health treatment, and other information required by the Virginia State Police;
  • You are also to provide any completed training course approved by the Virginia Department of State Police. A certificate must be signed by representatives of an organization that conducted the course. You can make a photocopy of the document and submit it to the office;
  • Do not forget to obtain your Fingerprint Card. You can get your fingerprint impressions in any organization, either public or private, approved by a law enforcement agency.
  • Another requirement is the submission of your photo and ID. On the official website of the Virginia State Police, there is a list of specific requirements regarding your photograph (size, color, etc.) Do not make a photocopy of the photograph. Submit only the original photo.
  • Be ready to pay application fees.

If you don’t satisfy any of the requirements mentioned above, your application form will be returned to you. The procedure can take a few months.

Although you have obtained a permit to carry a concealed weapon, be aware of the fact that there are places in which the law prohibits concealment of a firearm. According to the Code of Virginia, if a permittee shows any prohibited behavior, the CCW license will be revoked and considered invalid.

How to Fill Out the Form

Below you will find information on how to fill out the form. Although the Virginia Bill of Sale Form is four pages long, completing the form will not take much time. For a better understanding of how to fill it out, read the following step-by-step instruction.

1.    Download the Form

Make use of our form building software to download the form. Keep in mind that you are allowed to input the information on the computer or any other device, but you are to print the document to sign it.

2.    Enter the Parties’ Details

In the first part of the document, you are to provide personal information about the parties — the seller and the buyer. The form requires that you should insert the seller’s full name, address, including city and state, first. In line with the name section, provide the number of the seller’s valid driving license. Then fill in the same sections and insert information about the buyer.

3.    Describe the Firearm

In the next part of the document, you are asked to provide information about the firearm. Indicate its model, caliber, serial number, and who is the manufacturer of the gun. Double-check the information you have provided to avoid inaccuracies.

4.    Specify the Selling Price

In the section “Trade/Purchase Price,” check the first box if the firearm is sold to the buyer. You are to indicate the amount of money that the buyer has agreed to pay for the firearm. Tick one of the boxes below and choose one of the date conditions provided. The seller might want the payment to be effected either on the day of the bill of sale or another date after the bill of sale form is signed.  Check the last box in the section if the firearm has been traded in.

5.    Sign the Document

In the next two parts, you are provided with many statements concerning the legal nature of the document that both parties are to read carefully before signing. If the parties find the statements true, they are to provide their signatures. In the next section, all people appointed as witnesses must acknowledge that the seller and the buyer have made a legal deal. The two parties and witnesses are to sign the document. The date of the purchase must also be indicated.

6.    Notarize the Paper

The form must be acknowledged and signed by a notary public. The notary agent must insert the date of the purchase and the place in which it took place.