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Free Fillable Alaska Power of Attorney Form

A legal paper that has the power to officially endow one individual with authority to control finances, affairs, and health-related matters of another person is called the power of attorney form. Thus, according to their current circumstances, the citizens of Alaska can resort to one of the Alaska power of attorney forms. A person who legally allows a chosen individual to control their business, assets, and other vital things is known as the grantor or the principal. The one given that authority is called the agent or the attorney-in-fact (sometimes, private attorney). Although they differ in purpose, every free power of attorney form helps the principal to empower their selected agent with the opportunity to make tough calls concerning the grantor’s life, wellbeing, and wealth. 

Fillable Alaska Power of Attorney Form
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The types of POA vary from state to state. In Alaska, for such a juridical document to be legally recognized, a state notary’s involvement is a mandatory condition.

The power of attorney laws provide detailed guidance on how to draw up a legally binding proxy. Although such a legal instrument is never transferred to any judicial authority and is kept at the signatories’ disposal, it represents a legal paper and must be presented when carrying out the duties of a power of attorney. Following the Title 13, Chapter 26 of the Alaska legislation, it is specified that:

  • The proxy might grant or deny consent to health maintenance or medical aid to the grantor. Still, it cannot provide the power to decide on the termination of life-support medical procedures.
  • The Alaska POA should be as close as possible to the form featured in the statute.
  • A power of attorney must designate health care decisions to the agent.
  • This legal document needs to assign health-involved decisions to the attorney-in-fact. 
  • The proxy in the state of Alaska can be annulled at any point. 

Why Use a POA Form in Alaska

Indeed, every resident of Alaska may have their reasons for wanting to create a power of attorney to give a trusted person power to manage their financial, medical, and personal affairs. Practice shows that people are most likely to choose a long-time close friend or a relative for this role. Old age, poor health, and acquired disabilities are the main reasons why individuals wish their matters to be dealt with in a certain way if something bad happens to them or if their health reaches a point where they can no longer manage their affairs independently. For instance, if your elderly parent falls victim to dementia, a power of attorney will come in handy.

Misfortunes often happen unexpectedly, and let’s be honest, no one sits and waits for a tragedy to fall on them. However, whenever disaster comes, it frequently happens that the chance to write a document that delegates your business to someone dear to you is hopelessly missed. Unfortunately, if someone becomes incapacitated or terminally ill, and they haven’t composed a POA in advance, their wishes and directions won’t be fulfilled. Who knows what tomorrow brings? Hence, it is highly recommended that every citizen of the Alaska State come up with their own power of attorney.

Of course, an individual suffering from Alzheimer’s disease may need a different power of attorney document than a business owner leaving the country and delegating their estate management to an assistant. Military officers leaving the state and delegating the care for their minor kids’ affairs will have different proxy requirements than a single person without any offspring. Thus, each Alaskan resident’s POA needs will differ. Luckily, there are numerous Alaska power of attorney forms to use. Take a look at some of the most common: 

General Power of Attorney

This type of power of attorney allows the principal to appoint a chosen individual as their agent to handle all monetary and business affairs – that is, everything concerning financial aspects of the grantor’s life. Nevertheless, if the grantor becomes disabled or dies, this POA loses all its legal power. 

Durable Power of Attorney

The following proxy form for the citizens of Alaska also endows the allocated private attorney to act in the principal’s name in particular cases and circumstances. It is called “durable” because it doesn’t lose its authorization even after the proxy creator becomes incapacitated.

Limited Power of Attorney

Such a type of Alaska POA implies that the agent’s powers are limited by the grantor (in written form). In the prevailing majority of situations, the attorney-in-fact will be presented with the possibility to monitor and manage finance-related issues and make health-involved decisions. Yet, they won’t be granted the power to purchase or sell real estate or businesses. By analogy with the general power of attorney, limited POA ceases to exist upon the grantor’s demise. 

Medical Power of Attorney

This form of proxy is often called “advance directive.” It is used when a person becomes terminally ill or works a high-risk job, not only by the people who have elderly parents with senile dementia that need to be cared for. With the help of a medical power of attorney, the private attorney takes critical medical decisions on behalf of the principal.

Minor Children Power of Attorney

The next Alaska power of attorney form or the “Form PG-700” lets a parent provide a designated temporary caretaker with decision-making authority concerning the wellbeing and/or medical treatment of their underage children. Individuals resort to such a legal paper any time they are forced to leave the country (and their kids) for a relatively long period. In compliance with Alaska laws, this time should not exceed one year. 

Real Estate Power of Attorney

This proxy allows your attorney-in-fact to buy, sell, and supervise property in your name.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

Such a type of POA in Alaska is often referred to as the Form 847. It endows your agent to manage all documentation related to your vehicle’s ownership and registration. 

Revocation of Power of Attorney

This form of power of attorney terminates the existing proxy, and this way ends the whole agreement.   

State Tax Power of Attorney

The state tax power of attorney in Alaska (or the Form 775 POA) presents a selected individual (desirably, a certified accountant) with authority to process all requirements for the preparation and submission of tax documents on behalf of the principal.

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