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Free Fillable Hawaii Power of Attorney Form

One of the legal instruments helping a person to ensure a secure future for themselves and their dear ones is a power of attorney. For example, Hawaii residents can use one of the existing Hawaii power of attorney forms if they need to. Such a legal paper is designed to endow an appointed representative with authority to manage your financial, medical, and personal affairs if you become incapacitated or absent. It implies that the chosen individual will be obliged to take care of your wealth, property, business, and make health-related decisions instead of you.

The person who grants the power to control their assets (and, sometimes, life) is called the principal, grantor, or donor. The one who gets such the authority is known as the agent, private attorney, or attorney-in-fact.

An accurately drawn up power of attorney template for Hawaiian citizens should comply with the local legislation statements featured in the Hawaiian laws. The local government even issued an example of such a legal document. Besides that, every person living in this state should get familiar with the complete list of the laws concerning the power of attorney forms in Hawaii before creating such a document. The proxy has the power to provide both participants of the agreement with specific responsibilities and possibilities.

Fillable Hawaii Power of Attorney Form
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Why Use a POA Form in Hawaii

Without a doubt, everyone would have their own reasons to resort to a power of attorney. However, most often, this legal paper is composed to help people in failing health or putting their lives at constant risk to make sure that their matters will be handled well in case of an accident. One of the widespread reasons for having a proxy is being diagnosed with severe mental illness robbing a person of all physical and intellectual abilities. Unfortunately, these individuals are no longer capable of managing their affairs and controlling material assets, so that is where a proxy comes into play.

Nonetheless, a power of attorney can be used not only by the sick or the elderly, as it will be useful for each resident of the state of Hawaii. Even if you can show off ruddy health, you might still need to legally ensure that someone you trusted with your life will take care of your business. For instance, if the principal owns a company, it is crucial to allow the designated agent to supervise and control all vital aspects of its operation, like paying a salary. Yet, each of the power of attorney forms available for Hawaiians must indicate what authority is given to the selected private attorney and their limitations. If you want to be sure that your attorney-in-fact won’t exceed their duties, remember to specify your wishes and instructions ina written form.

It is hard to know for sure what will happen tomorrow, but it is undoubtedly a smart move to prepare a proxy in advance. Irrespective of the circumstances, your power of attorney goals will differ from those of your neighbor. For this reason, there are several Hawaii power of attorney forms. Take a look at some of them, which are frequently used by the local residents:

General Power of Attorney

One of the most common proxy forms is a general one. This legal instrument lets the agent deal with your finances in your name. At the same time, should you (the grantor) develop a disability or pass away, this POA will diminish.

Durable Power of Attorney

The next power of attorney type represents an “extended version” of the previous one since it expands the authority guaranteed by a general proxy. The term “durable” implies that the legality of such a Hawaii power of attorney form continues even in the event of the donor’s becoming incapacitated.

Medical Power of Attorney

This proxy form is often referred to as the “advanced directive,” It grants the appointed representative the right to make critical decisions about your well-being, such as medication, treatment, and other health services. That is when a person is no longer able to make tough calls themselves, due to a fatal illness, old age, or incapacity, they can allocate a reliable friend or relative to take your matters into their own hands. This juridical document must be completed according to the §327E-3 Advance health-care directives.

Limited Power of Attorney

A limited POA, also known as a special proxy, defines restrictions of the attorney-in-fact’s power. In the overwhelming majority of cases, a power of attorney aims to allocate someone else to handle your financial and business affairs, and them only. However, it is up to the principal what opportunities to grant to their selected agent. Upon the demise of the donor, a limited proxy terminates.

Minor Child Power of Attorney

If a Hawaiian citizen has underage kids, but they suddenly need to leave the state or the country for a particular period, they should use the following proxy form. It allows the grantor (the parent) to assign a temporary custodian for their minors. Such a power of attorney especially comes in handy in case of unexpected medical emergencies regarding your kids.

Real Estate Power of Attorney

As the name implies, a real estate POA is used to let your legal representative acquire, sell, and manage the estate in your name.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

This one is similar to a real estate proxy. Still, it is designed to grant the private attorney the authority to operate with the documentation (ownership, registration, etc.) concerning the principal’s vehicle(s).

Revocation of Power of Attorney

Any form of the Hawaii power of attorney can be canceled upon the decision of its creator. Thus, they can resort to a revocation form to annul the agreement between the agent and the grantor. It is also essential to inform all previous agreement participants (witnesses, attending physician, and others) being terminated.

State Tax Power of Attorney

A state tax power of attorney in Hawaii (or the Form N-848) presents the assigned private attorney (in most cases – a qualified accountant) with the power to manage all tax preparation and payment matters on behalf of the donor.

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