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Free Fillable Indiana Child Power of Attorney Form

The Indiana child power of attorney form is a legal agreement that allows a parent to issue temporary powers to an agent to make serious decisions that pertain to their child or children. It usually lasts for a certain period, around six (6) to (12) months. As a Principal, you do not have to explain why you are giving power over your child. However, you must renew the contractual agreement upon expiry. You may be traveling overseas due to work trips and need a guardian for your child. Whatever your reason is, you can create a power of attorney template to meet your legal objective.

The parent who assigns legal rights to another individual is the principal, and the one accepting to be the guardian is the attorney-in-fact or the agent.

Indiana power of attorney templates – this category will allow you to find out more about other bills of sale that can be used in Indiana.

Indiana Requirements

According to Indiana state legislation (§ 29-3-9-1), the power of attorney agreement must not exceed 6 months.

The agent is liable to reasonable reimbursement for taking care of the minor or any added expenses incurred under their control. However, the guardian does not have the power to consent to adopt a minor protected under this agreement.

Also, you must notarize the document in the presence of a legal officer for validation purposes. On iga.in.gov you can read more statutes about Indiana child power of attorney.

Filling out the Illinois Durable POA

Creating a child POA is a simple process that you can fill out online or manually. The parent is the principal who gives out the consent on the form. Usually, it is an agreement lasting for a brief period, from 6 months and not exceeding one year. However, if you will be away for more than a year, you must get guardianship papers from the law court.

Below is a step-by-step guide outlining how to fill the Indiana child power of attorney form:

Obtain the Form

The first step is to get the POA document from our site. You can opt to download and print the form or fill it online using compatible software.

State the Particulars of All Parties Involved

The principal must fill out their particulars on the form. It can also include the name of both parents. Ensure that you enter the name of the minor child and the person who will take up responsibility as a guardian. You must also add the physical address of the agent.

Ensure that you select a trustworthy guardian who will care for your minor child and make objective decisions if an emergency occurs.

Select the Timeframe of Representation

After picking a trusted agent, the principal must enter the POA’s timeframe as per the state guidelines. Usually, the Child POA does not exceed one year. If it does, the principal should get a guardianship POA, depending on the state laws.

Assign Powers

Parents are the best people who understand their child’s needs. Hence, you must write down all the powers that are on the child’s best welfare. From education to health matters, diet, and exercise to various school functions, the guardian representative will have all the powers to make decisions on behalf of the parent. You must include all the directives you want the agent to execute in your name.

The document must include all the details that affect your child’s welfare. For instance, picking and dropping the child to and from school or if the child requires medical assistance.

Signing and Notarization

After filling out all the details, the principal and the guardian representative must sign the document and include the current date. Notarize the document in the presence of a certified legal officer to finalize the agreement.