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Free Fillable Mississippi Power of Attorney Form

Using a Mississippi power of attorney form, you can pass over the right to make decisions to a trusted friend or family member. This form is best used if you become ill or unable to do business on your own behalf. This powerful POA document complies with Mississippi’s power of attorney statutes, declaring it a legal document that can be used in any matter where a third-party is needed to step in on behalf of someone else. When filling out a Mississippi power of attorney form, it is recommended to pay careful attention to the parameters set, carefully assigning the right over to the other person to act only in the business area that you see fit. Requirements when filling out a POA form consist of:

  • All parties must be of legal age
  • The person creating the document is in a sound state of mind
  • All parties must appropriately fill out and date the form
  • The legal documents need to assign all health-involved decisions over to the attorney-in-fact
  • The power of attorney form will not grant the right to terminate life if the creator is on life support
Fillable Mississippi Power of Attorney Form
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Why Use a POA Form in Mississippi

There are several situations why you might want to look to a power of attorney form to make your life easier. If you or your close family members are ill with a degrading mental state or increasing age, this form could help put all of the business doings into someone else’s hands that can handle all of the paperwork. However, this is not the only case. If an individual needs to leave the country for an extended amount of time or has specific affairs that they would instead leave to a professional in the field, they can use a power of attorney form. For example, an individual planning some real estate deal could pass all of the rights to sign over to a professional in the field, taking the responsibility out of their hands.

Power of attorney forms are highly flexible, allowing principals to pick and choose the parameters of the third party’s rights. Owners of a company can place someone in charge of hiring and firing employees on their behalf, handle financial affairs, and even make and sign for essential business decisions.

No matter what the case of your concern is, no one is guaranteed tomorrow. Filling out a power of attorney form is not obligatory but is sometimes necessary depending on what life throws in the way. Not all power of attorney forms are the same, and a few of the most common types include:

General Power of Attorney

The most general form among all of the options for the power of attorney forms are general POAs. They are used when someone wishes to choose a single individual to handle all financial or business matters on their behalf. Most often, a general power of attorney only grants access to the principal’s financial affairs, leaving other areas off-limits.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable POA extends off the general POA, allowing individuals to create the forms to go beyond what the parameters specify. Suppose something is to happen to the chosen individual, using the durable POA. In that case, it is still possible to pass over and sign on their behalf, taking care of the initially mentioned business.

Limited/Special Power of Attorney

When you are trying to get down to the specifics and hand over particular responsibilities to the party of choice, you’ll need a special or limited POA. Using this form, you can point out all of the specifics and give your chosen representative specific powers.

Parental Power of Attorney

The parental POA is best used if parents are needed for business outside of the country for an extended period. This especially applies to parents who will be out of the country for one year or longer, needing to hand over guardianship rights to a trusted and reliable individual of their choice. The chosen person will be able to sign all documents on behalf of the parent, acting as the legal guardian for the specified amount of time.

State Tax Power of Attorney

State tax power of attorney in Mississippi (Form 21-002-13) is used to allow an individual to fill out and file taxes on behalf of an individual. This document will need to be presented to the company or professional preparing the taxes together with other required documents when filling out forms. Though the taxes are filed by a person other than the original taxpayer, the principal must still understand that they are still solely liable for any paperwork that is misfiled of any wrong or missing numbers. If there is any non-payment of taxes, the original taxpayer, not the chosen representative, gets the penalty. For a state tax power of attorney to be recognized as valid in Mississippi, all parties must sign, including the one who prepared taxes for the two acting parties.

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