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Free Fillable Nebraska Power of Attorney Form

Nebraska power of attorney forms are used to provide the power to decide financial, medical, or business-related matters to a loved one or trusted friend. The POA form is used for many reasons, including helping someone who is unable to make decisions. Whether it is a situation with an illness being involved or business handlings that need to be taken care of, a power of attorney form can help. Those who are wishing to prepare a form-also known as the principal-will need to be of legal age and can make decisions for themselves without the help from others. Besides these two things, each principal will need to follow specific recommendations put forth in the Nebraska Uniform Power of Attorney Act. §2: 

  • The chosen attorney-in-fact cannot make decisions based on the health of the principal unless otherwise specified. This includes the inability to terminate life-support. 
  • When drawing up a power of attorney form, principals should try and stay as close to the format presented in the statute as possible 
  • If applicable, a power of attorney form is needed to designate health-based decisions to the chosen attorney-in-fact 
  • Any power of attorney form can be terminated at any time by the principal 
Fillable Nebraska Power of Attorney Form
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Why Use a POA Form in Nebraska 

Several situations could call for the use of Nebraska power of attorney forms. While some of the most common reasons are associated with elderly parents with conditions that result in the deterioration of their health, other cases involve the need for someone to take over and act as the assignee for a short period. Some cases like these include dealing with temporary guardianship where one party may need to step in and act as the parent for a set amount of time. There are even options for particular business such as real estate or tax preparations 

The thing about life is that it tends to be highly unpredictable at all times. We never know what the day may bring and what new kinds of things may come along and make our day-to-day life turn. This could be a medical condition or some unexpected business deal where you cannot step in and take control. The kind of power of attorney you’re filling out is a significant part of the process, and some of the most common types of power of attorney forms include: 

General Power of Attorney 

This is the most typical and well-known type of power of attorney form there is to fill out, merely passing the rights to sign in the name of the principal for anything that requires their attention. It is mostly used in cases where an elderly or disabled person cannot make decisions for themselves and needs someone to step in to handle all of the business properly and professionally. 

Durable Power of Attorney 

A durable power of attorney is almost the same as a general power of attorney. Still, it allows the selected individual the right to continue to make decisions, even if the principal is to become mentally incapable. 

Limited or Special Power of Attorney 

Limited or special power of attorney forms are used in cases where there is a specific termination date or some particular authority granted to a power of attorney for a limited amount of time. These may involve concise business deals or any time that the principal may stay in hospital. These could also pertain to short transaction deals that take a ton of paperwork, including real estate and other large purchases. 

Parental Power of Attorney 

Anytime a dependent is involved, a parental power of attorney is needed to assign guardianship while the legal parent is out of the country. If the parent stays abroad for an extended period, then the parent can choose to hand over the power to sign documents in their place involving their child, whether it is for school or healthcare or anything in between. 

Tax Power of Attorney

In the state of Nebraska, individuals can choose to create a Nebraska tax power of attorney (Form 33) to permit a professional or individual to prepare and file their tax returns. In this case, precautions must be taken to choose individuals who will fulfill all duties responsibly and professionally. 

In this type of power of attorney form, the principal is held liable for all errors and fees that are not paid on time. Even if the principal chooses to pass the responsibility to a professional agent, they will still need to oversee all of the activity, ensuring that all documents were filled out according to Nebraska Internal Revenue Services. Any faults in the paperwork will be covered by the principal, who is held liable for all charges.

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