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Free Fillable North Dakota Power of Attorney Form

A power of attorney is an agreement that permits you to assign a particular individual to conduct crucial businesses in your place. It is an essential legal tool that holds power in the USA, but the requirements are different for each state. Hence, North Dakota residents can use the North Dakota power of attorney forms to achieve various goals. Since it is a powerful form, ensure that the person you choose as an agent is reliable and responsible. The principal or grantor is the individual assigning power of attorney form to another individual, while an agent is an individual who consents to take up the responsibility.

Fillable North Dakota Power of Attorney Form
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It is imperative to appoint an objective person who can make challenging decisions, especially if it involves your life. The forms are usually used when the principal becomes sick, and the agent must decide on the treatment and drugs. In other scenarios, the document is invoked when a soldier gets deployed overseas for an extended period. There are numerous other reasons for using this legal form, depending on your situation. However, a principal can revoke a POA form at any time and annul the agreement.

All documents must follow the state legislation and guidelines, and North Dakota POA is not exempted. It conforms to Tile 30 of North Dakota’s state constitution. The rulings ensure that the power of attorney forms and the parties involved follow the law and receive protection. Click the link to get more details regarding the laws. Below is an excerpt of the POA form requirements:

  • The form should have signatures from all the parties involved.
  • The law states that two witnesses must be available to sign the form, and they must confirm that the grantor is not acting under pressure from anyone. The grantor should be mentally healthy and can make rational decisions freely.
  • The agent must prove in writing that he/she has willingly accepted the responsibility to serve as an attorney-in-fact.
  • The  form used by residents should be similar to the one provided by North Dakota state

Why Use a POA Form in North Dakota

Numerous reasons can cause an individual to create a North Dakota power of attorney document. One common cause is when an older adult becomes ill, either physically or mentally. Such a situation requires a third-party to make crucial decisions and ensure their businesses continue as usual. For instance, people who have dementia and other terminal illnesses can’t carry on with life usually.

Handling bills, buying medication, or transacting can be quite challenging and requires someone to step in and do all the errands while making other important decisions. Also, your spouse may be a victim of a severe accident hindering movement. In such cases, a principal can invoke a power of attorney form and grant a trusted individual power to handle all the grantor’s affairs.

Apart from the elderly and the incapacitated people, healthy individuals can also use the power of attorney forms. One essential reason to create a POA is for business. You need to appoint a reliable agent to handle your business affairs if you plan to travel for an extended period. As a grantor, you have the power to assign a credible person to accomplish critical tasks relating to the company. For instance, handling payroll or paying suppliers. However, you must state the exact powers you want your agent to have on the form, such as the power of firing or hiring staff.

Since life is unpredictable, it is imperative to prepare for disastrous situations, such as sicknesses or accidents. But, since people face different challenges, the reasons for creating a power of attorney document always varies. That is why you can get various types of North Dakota power of attorney forms. Below are the common types:

General POA

This type of document grants power to a particular person to conduct and execute financial matters on the principal’s behalf. However, it becomes invalid if the principal dies or becomes incapacitated. North Dakota state laws permit the agent to manage all the monetary affairs of the grantor.

Limited POA

It is also called a special power of attorney since it carries specific powers as stated by the grantor. For instance, an agent can have the power to manage finances or initiate health decisions but can’t sell any of the grantor’s property. It all depends on the powers the principal decides to give the agent.

Durable POA

This POA type is also called a statutory power of attorney, which is almost similar to a general POA. The only difference is that the form extends its validity even after the grantor becomes incapacitated due to illness or disability.

Minor POA

Such a document permits parents to hand over legal rights affecting their minor child to a trusted guardian. It is a temporary arrangement for parents who may be away from their child for a definite period due to work trips or other essential commitments.

Healthcare POA

This document permits the grantor to bestow an agent the authority to make critical health decisions in case of incapacitation due to illness or injury. For example, someone with Alzheimer’s disease can’t make any treatment decisions. Thus, he/she requires an agent to take over her medical decisions.

Revocation POA

This type of document annuls the power of attorney agreement due to various reasons. The only requirement is that the grantor must sign the form willingly in the right mental health, without third-party influence.

Vehicle POA

The grantor assigns an agent authority to manage all the crucial paperwork involved during the buying and selling of a motor vehicle. However, the agent must liaise with the North Dakota Department of Motor Vehicles.


The tax power of attorney in North Dakota, also known as Form 500, permits an agent to prepare and file tax obligations on behalf of the grantor. However, the agent must be a professional, like an accountant or a financial expert.

Real Estate POA

This document gives an agent authority to manage all the property decisions on behalf of the principal. These may include buying, selling, or leasing of any real estate.

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