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Free Fillable Pennsylvania Child Power of Attorney Form

If a parent or guardian needs to be out of the country or cannot care for their minor child, they can pass on guardianship to a trusting friend. Using a Pennsylvania child power of attorney form, the parent, or principal, can choose an attorney-in-fact to oversee all matters concerning their minor child. However, this document is only used in cases where the parent or guardian is unavailable for a temporary amount of time and cannot be used as a means to grant permanent custody. Likely cases where a parent may need to fill out power of attorney form include calling for active duty, business out of the country for an extended time, or incarceration.

When the attorney-in-fact is granted the right to oversee the child’s well-being, they obtain the right to:

  • Sign any medical or educational documents
  • Maintain custody of the child during the specified time
  • Approve any matters on the parent’s behalf (excluding limitations)

Due to the control over the child, parents should make sure and only choose someone they know and trust to act as their attorney-in-fact. Parents may add their wishes within the child POA of which the attorney-in-fact must abide by.

Pennsylvania power of attorney templates – this particular page will let you learn more about other powers of attorney that can be used in Pennsylvania.

Pennsylvania Requirements

When creating a Pennsylvania child power of attorney form, the parent, or principal, must follow the guidelines presented in the Pennsylvania POA statutes Chapter 56 of Title 20. Besides, they must comply with the signing requirements to ensure that the child POA form is available for legal use. Included in the list requirements needed to create a medical POA form are:

  1. The Pennsylvania child POA must include:
  • The name and relevant contact information of the legal parent or guardian
  • Detailed information about the child in question, including their name, social security number, and date of birth
  • Details about the chosen guardian
  • Detailed limitations which the parent would like to add concerning the powers granted to the attorney-in-fact

2. As with all legal documents, the child POA will need to include all of the proper signatures under the Pennsylvania statutes. These state that the parent must sign in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public.

3. Since the attorney-in-fact will have the right to make decisions for the child, the parent should be very detailed in the limitation, if any, they wish to add. It includes the specific timeline in which they wish the powers to be granted.

Filling out the Pennsylvania Child POA

Even if the parent or guardian has no prior practice in creating a POA, they can use our templates as a guide. We have a free Pennsylvania child power of attorney form, including all of the details necessary to fill out. Plus, there are blank spaces to add all requested parties’ signatures for the document to take effect.

Gathering All Information

Before downloading the proxy in PDF form, the parent should first get all necessary paperwork and information together. This step includes their information, that of their child, and that of their chosen attorney-in-fact. Any papers that apply to the child’s health, education, or special care needs that the temporary guardian should be aware of, should also be provided.

Granting of Powers

As mentioned above, the parent has the right to get as detailed as they see fit in deciding which powers are granted to their chosen attorney-in-fact. They should specify the timeframe in which the chosen attorney-in-fact may act as the guardian of their child. The parent can legally grant powers up to six months, and anything for longer terms requires different paperwork.

Proper and Legal Signing

Once all information is added and all parties agree to the terms outlined in the document, the parent will need to sign and date the child POA properly. The document should be signed in the presence of two witnesses and a notary public. The latter will need to add their county and state of legislation along with their seal.

The parent should create a copy for both themselves and all parties mentioned in the POA form, ensuring that they are available when their assistance is necessary.