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Free Fillable Wisconsin General Power of Attorney Form

Any time you need to leave the country due to military deployment, a long business trip, or vacation outside the USA, and you have to legally designate your business management to a trusted person, use the general proxy. For instance, those residing in Wisconsin can entrust their financial affairs with a Wisconsin general power of attorney form. Such a legal instrument allows the principal (the grantor of authority) to officially let someone else deal with their monetary matters while they are unavailable. It is commonly used when your company or firm requires your personal presence, but you cannot fulfill this demand.

No matter what reason you have to draw up a POA form in Wisconsin, it is essential to choose a trustworthy and reliable individual as your attorney-in-fact. Otherwise, you risk your own business and money to get into the wrong hands, as the allocated agent will have full authority to control your funds, bank accounts, and personal savings. It is up to the grantor to decide what power will be presented to the private attorney, and everything should be documented in the proxy.

Nevertheless, such a form of power of attorney ceases to exist once the declarant becomes disabled and unable to communicate their wishes and directions independently. At this, a medical professional must recognize the grantor as incapacitated. However, if you need somebody else to continue to take care of your money matters even upon your disablement, it is better to resort to the Wisconsin durable proxy instead.

Wisconsin power of attorney templates – this section will let you find out more about some other powers of attorney you can use in Wisconsin.

Wisconsin Requirements

An adequately created general power of attorney in the discussed state must fully comply with the local laws concerning proxy forms. As for the signing requirements (§244.05), a notary public and two disinterested witnesses should verify the agreement. The declarant must be the first party to provide their signature (before the state notary acknowledgment).

Filling out the Wisconsin General POA

Indeed, not all citizens of Wisconsin have previously dealt with such a powerful legal instrument as a general proxy. For this reason, we decided to offer every user in the acute need for a POA sample with premium-quality templates in all popular formats, which are supported by Microsoft Word, PDF readers, and OpenOffice. These samples are highly customized and available for free download.

Now it’s time to see what steps you must take to complete your Wisconsin general power of attorney form.

Name the Parties of the Agreement

At this stage, the contract participants have to submit such vital details as their full name, complete address of residence, the state where this general power of attorney will be used and where the company is located, and some other information. The latter can be represented by cell phone and home phone numbers, e-mail addresses, and birth dates.

The principal is the first one to provide all the abovementioned details. Once they are done, they have to assign the attorney-in-fact in the written form. Besides that, they have to specify all the essential information about the chosen agent.

Since the primary private attorney is not always able or willing to discharge the indicated responsibilities, it is strongly recommended that the declarant allocates two additional agents – the successor private attorneys. Bear in mind that they should be willing to assume the liability and specify their personal and contact information.

Define the Area of Authority of the Agent

As you already know, a general power of attorney form is connected to financial affairs, conducting business, and otherwise managing funds and real estate of an unavailable person. So be sure to make a wise choice when picking a candidate for the position of your representative, as the agent will be able to operate with the following areas of your financial life:

  • Banking accounts and cards
  • Safety deposit box
  • Funds’ investments
  • Public welfare payments
  • Pension assets
  • Insurance
  • Property and vehicles
  • Legal assistance and proceedings
  • Taxes
  • Lending and borrowing money
  • Contracts
  • Health care
  • Gifts and philanthropy, etc.

Moreover, the declarant is allowed to expand or narrow the designated attorney-in-fact’s authority and liability scope. Also, the principal can write down any additional instructions they wish to be adhered to.

Work with Witnesses and Notary Public

Do not forget that all the participants should sign the proxy before a state public proceeds to fill out the form’s remainder. Therefore, the principal, the first-option private attorney, and alternate agent(s) must all submit the following:

  • Their full name
  • Their signature
  • The current date

Once everyone else has confirmed the authenticity and legality of the general power of attorney form by their signatures, the notary public completes the “Notary Acknowledgement” section, signs, and seals the paperwork.

In addition to notarization, your general POA in Wisconsin demands the witnesses to view and attest its signing. It means that the chosen witnesses will need to get familiar with the contract contents and provide their legal name and signature once they are done.