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Free Fillable Missouri Child Power of Attorney Form

Sometimes, parents can be forced to leave the country without their offspring due to several unfortunate reasons. Since, in such circumstances, a parent or custodian from Missouri cannot care for their underage kid, a Missouri child power of attorney form will come in handy. This juridical document helps the parents or caretakers of the minor child (or children) solve the dilemma of leaving their kids without a responsible adult, keeping an eye on them. In short, a child power of attorney allows a parent to endow another trusted individual responsible for taking care of their minor(s). However, it is essential to note that any child proxy grants the powers to a temporary guardian (or the agent) for a limited period only. Furthermore, such powers can be applied by the appointed custodian only in the ways prescribed by the parent in a child POA, without exceeding their authority. Even with this type of power of attorney going into effect, the parents and caregivers still retain their parental/guardianship rights to their kid(s).

Besides that, the power of attorney form can be annulled at any moment upon the parents’ decision.

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Missouri Requirements

There is special state legislation that covers issues related to the transfer of custody of minor children. Therefore, anyone wishing to enter into such an agreement must make sure that it complies with the statutes contained in the Chapter 404, “Transfers to Minors.”

In Missouri, every minor child proxy should be composed in compliance with the Power of Attorney Laws concerning the standby custodian’s appointment.

There are no mandatory conditions for signing the child POA to make it legally recognized when signing requirements. Nevertheless, the presence of a couple of disinterested witnesses and a state notary is an obligatory requirement, as every legal instrument of this kind must be verified and notarized.

Completing the Missouri Child POA

Indeed, some of the Missouri citizens have never resorted to such a proxy form in their life. Yet, for those who need it, we created a free customizable template available for download on our website. This high-quality sample is presented in popular electronic document formats supported by such programs as Microsoft Word, OpenOffice, and multiple PDF readers.

Give the Personal Information of the Parties

First of all, indicate the parent’s or guardian’s full name that wants to endow the chosen agent with authority to take care of their minor(s).

Next, specify the designated custodian’s legal name, address of residence, and telephone number in the allocated area of a Missouri child power of attorney form.

Specify the Name of the Discussed Minor(s)

The primary goal of such a proxy is to allocate a temporary custodian for an underage kid in the designator’s care (the parent designating the agent). For such a legal instrument to be accurately completed, the name(s) of the child (children) must be entered into designated spaces in the agreement. Hence, indicate each minor’s full name that the selected standby guardian will care for instead of their parents.

After this, it is crucial to declare the circumstances under which the assigned caregiver will assume responsibility and authority over the discussed minor(s).

Then, describe the relationship between the designator and the concerned kid(s). For example, a biological parent or a court-appointed custodian.

Name the Other Parent and the Backup Agent

In the following section of a minor child proxy in Missouri, it is requested to name the other parent of the concerned kid(s). Specify their full name, and then indicated the name of the discussed minor(s) on the blank line below.

Go on with identifying the other parent by naming their current (or last known) physical address. If the other parent passed away or their whereabouts are unknown, be sure to check a mark next to the statements mentioned above. In case the other parent granted consent for the assignment of a temporary guardian, ensure to indicate that fact as well.

In the event of the “first option” for the standby custodian’s position being unable or unwilling to perform their duties mentioned in a child power of attorney in Missouri, there is a chance of appointing an alternate temporary caregiver.

Sign the Child POA to Verify It

The designator must sign the proxy form in the presence of a couple of witnesses. Thus, the parent or guardian of the discussed kid(s) must sign the paperwork and date their signature. Additionally, they have to enter their legal name once again.

Each of the disinterested witnesses must specify their names and put their signatures, accompanying it by the date of signing. Below, they will have to share their complete mailing addresses.

In case the other parent is available to provide their consent, they also need to sign this juridical document and report the signature date.

The last paragraph in this section required the full name of the allocated custodian, their signature, and the date of signing the Missouri child POA.