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Free Fillable Missouri Power of Attorney Form

Missouri power of attorney forms are used when a principal wishes to pass on some responsibility to another individual. This chosen representative acts as the attorney-in-fact, making important decisions within the parameters set within the document. Of course, anytime that someone is dealing with sensitive and serious business, careful attention must be taken to select the proper individual to handle all business, trustworthy and able to execute the principal’s wishes, getting the entire process started.

Fillable Missouri Power of Attorney Form
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The person that you choose to take over and act as your representative should be someone that you trust and have gained confidence with. To fill out a power of attorney form correctly, you’ll need to ensure that you understand the following specific laws and guidelines for POA completion:

  • The attorney-in-fact that you appoint to handle all of the paperwork has a right to have all of their reasonable expenses covered and receive overall compensation from the individual drawing up papers.
  • You are allowed to select only one representative, making sure that you choose wisely (two in some cases when you need them to act as co-representatives).
  • The power of attorney form must hand over decisions concerning some specific decisions (or the general decision-making authority) to the chosen agent.
  • The proxy, as per the state of Missouri statute, can be annulled at any time at the principal’s discretion.

Why Use a POA Form in Missouri

There are several circumstances in which Missouri power of attorney forms are appropriate and necessary. In some cases, an individual might want to use them in a critical health situation or a life-threatening accident that puts them out of an option to care for themselves. Not all dramatic situations call for a POA form. In some cases, an individual can choose to pass over responsibility to another trusted colleague to leave essential documents to professionals they trust. Company owners can provide others the right to act on their behalf to take care of company business using a power of attorney form if the POA parameters specify it.

The scope of authority is perhaps one of the most important parts of a power of attorney form, specifying what rights are given to one individual or another. These are highly flexible, allowing the person to specify exact dates and exact instances where the chosen individual can act on their behalf. In any case, there are different types of Missouri power of attorney forms, all needed and used for different purposes according to the assignee’s needs.

General Power of Attorney

A general power of attorney form is used any time that an individual wants to pass over responsibility to another person. These cases could include any time that the business can be handled in which an individual cannot act or can include any time that a professional is needed to act on behalf of another person to make decisions.

Durable Power of Attorney

In a durable power of attorney, the same rules apply to that of a general POA. However, in this case, attorneys-in-fact can access the creator’s medical and financial rights from the time of creation until the creator possibly loses mental or physical capacities.

Limited/Special Power of Attorney

Limited or special power of attorney is used to grant a person or group of individuals the right to act as the principal for a specified amount of time. These are most often used in cases where assignees wish to designate a specific type of responsibility to the individual assigned or only needed to act in their place while another business is being handled.

Parental Power of Attorney

Any time a parent is needed out of the country for an extended period, they can use a parental power of attorney to hand over responsibilities and guardianship to a trusted individual. With this form, the chosen individual will be able to make decisions for the dependent of another while they are absent or unable to do so themselves. This could be used for many circumstances and can come in handy anytime there a parent leaves on business.

State Tax Power of Attorney

In Missouri, the state tax power of attorney (form DOR-2827) is used when an individual that pays taxes to the Missouri Department of Revenue would like to assign the responsibility of filing taxes to another trusted individual. It involves a few legal papers that all parties must sign and date for the entire process to be noted as legal. While this is giving the responsibility to another person and taking it out of someone else’s hands, the individual or assignee is still solely responsible in the case that there are any misfiled documents or any unpaid taxes. Even if it was the assigned individual’s fault, the original taxpayer would assume all responsibility, facing the circumstances that come with failure to file taxes properly or pay the amount due for that particular tax year.

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