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Free Fillable Colorado Last Will and Testament Form

A Colorado last will and testament is a way to secure all belongings you’ve collected throughout your life in the case of your death. You can take care of everyone-including your family, friends, and even pets. The last will and testament form helps you have the opportunity to decide what happens with your things and whom they will get distributed to in the event of your death.

Fillable Colorado Last Will and Testament Form
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Last Will vs. Living Will

Unlike the last will, the living will provides instructions and guidance for those who are left to watch after you if you become unable to do so yourself. It can include things like your medical care, your property, and more, even allowing someone to step in if you are incapable or unable for any reason.

Do I Need a Last Will and Testament?

Colorado does not require that anyone who dies has a will. However, you might want to consider creating one, ensuring that your life’s earnings are protected. A will is useful for many things, giving the testator liberty and security when thinking about the future. Testators can elect those who will take care of their belongings or choose to use their financial earnings to support any one of their choosing.

One of the most important things to consider when filling out a will is an executor who will take care of your business when the time comes. You will have only ten days for someone to file for your will for it to be valid. The person you choose as executor should be responsible and get things rolling quickly, even if there are any mishaps.

What Happens If You Die Without a Will?

Dying without a will happens quite often, sometimes leaving families with a lot to juggle in the event of a sudden death. When it happens in Colorado, the person’s property goes into intestate, something where the state takes over and executes the entire process of property distribution. Like many other states, they consider the entire family when thinking about the distribution of property.

The first person that is considered is your spouse, if applicable, and then any children. If this is not the case, the state goes on a hunt to find the closest relative to take over your property. It could include money or physical property, anything that you own that is contracted under your name.

How to Make a Last Will in Colorado

When it comes time to, and you are in the right place and ready to create a will, you need a few things. You can begin to create your Colorado last will and testament as long as you’re of legal age and are in good health both mentally and physically. You must be in a condition where you can make decisions for yourself and think critically about the decisions you will be making. If you meet these requirements set in Colorado laws (§15-11-501), then you will need:

  • 2 witnesses who must be in your presence when you sign and date the document
  • Your signature
  • Your chosen executor and an alternative just in case your first choice can’t fulfill your requests
  • A list of beneficiaries and the properties which you wish them to have

Changing a Last Will

Your will is never set in stone. It is a great thought to have, especially when you want to create one earlier on in life. It means that you can create new last will instructions with help from a family attorney, making sure that you secure your property at the moment. If any significant life changes happen, you can then make changes by requesting an amendment. Once you file a new will, the old will be invalidated. There are no limits to the changes you can make, keeping things current with every change in your life. Once you are confident about the changes you would like to make, simply visit your family attorney and file the correct paperwork to overturn your previous will.

Revoking a Last Will and Testament Colorado

If there is any reason that you want to cancel your will altogether, there are a few ways you can go about it. One is to create an entirely new will, as the old one will automatically lose its authentication or, you can file a revocatory act that will mean that your will is no longer valid. If you choose to cancel or revoke a will, it usually results from significant life changes or something that happens with your property. If that sounds like something you’re interested in doing, you’ll need the correct paperwork, which is in proper order so that all is organized and ready to go.

Create Your Last Will Today

If you’re thinking about creating a will, you can visit our website and download any needed form. All you will have to do is find the template, fill it out, and put all of the necessary data needed to get everything finished. With a template, you can have all the paperwork you need ready to go, just if anything is to happen.

Creating a last will and testament shouldn’t be something sad or emotional. Considering death and what could happen to those you love as a result is a type of responsibility, one that everyone should take to secure a life’s worth of property.

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