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Free Fillable Oregon Last Will and Testament Form

An Oregon last will and testament is a legal document that considers an individual’s property when they are no longer around to care for it. No matter what age (as long as they are over the legal age), anyone can create a last will and testament, using it as a way to secure their future. The person filling a free will template out has a chance to decide what happens to all of their property, choosing who it goes to and how much of it every one of their loved ones receives.

Fillable Oregon Last Will and Testament Form
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Does Oregon Require a Last Will?

A will is never a legal obligation. You can choose whether or not you fill one out, doing as you please and whatever feels right for you and your loved ones. Though it is not obligatory, it is still possibly the best thing to do if you are the sole provider for your family. Instead of your properties getting passed off to the state for them to decide, it will be passed to those who you choose, allowing you to make the decisions. In doing this, you can rest in peace long before that time comes knowing that you have taken steps to ensure that all is taken care of.

While it is not always comfortable to think about death, it is better to plan if you have assets to pass on to those you love. It is not a bad thing to think about and plan your future, setting up everything to care for anyone you leave behind. It is not something that anyone can avoid, so it’s wise to start thinking about death and posthumous property arrangements at least a time or two.

What Happens If I Don’t Have a Will?

Most of the time, people die without anything in place. This includes funeral plans, and all of the things usually taken care of when that time comes. If you die without a will, all of the responsibility for funeral plans fall to your family. They will have to be the ones that will take care of everything, from preparing your arrangements to getting things rolling with your assets.

As far as property, it is the state that starts to take over, usually taking years to get everything situated. Once they ensure that all of your debts are paid, the things left over go directly to the closest surviving relative starting with your immediate family. This procedure includes your spouse, children, and parents, whichever comes first down the family tree.

How To Create A Last Will and Testament?

Creating a will is easy. Anyone in good mental condition and over the age of 18 can fill out and create a will, deciding what happens to their property and life assets, as Chapter 112 of the Oregon Code. Testators will need to get a few things in line before getting all of the paperwork ready and fill out the Oregon last will and testament, including:

  • An executor: A person that will take over everything and get the ball rolling when getting things done.
  • An alternative: Someone that may step in if the executor is not able to act.
  • Witnesses: Two witnesses that will be able to be there when it comes time to sign documents (as ORS 112.235 demands).
  • Beneficiaries: Selected persons and the property you wish to distribute to them.

Exceptions apply to the following estate:

  • If any of the property is in joint ownership, it cannot be included in the last will or will invalidate it when it comes time to distribute property.
  • Any life insurance exceptions proceed that of a will.
  • If there is a living trust, then it cannot be included.

Making Changes To your Will

One thing to think about is that your will is not set in stone. You don’t have to live with the one you created, and you also have many opportunities to change it at any time. If you ever want to make changes, you’ll need to visit the family attorney and create a new will. You can also revoke the will entirely, filling out the proper paperwork and ensuring that it is canceled and cannot be used in any event. All this takes is a visit to your attorney and a few more signatures to get going.

Secure your Future Today

When you are ready to make a will, you can visit our website to find all the information you need, including a template. This template is easy to fill out, coming with blank spaces that you can fill in and follow along. It is not a difficult process and something that you can take your time when doing. Consider those around you and take a step back to look at your life successes. If there is someone you wish to receive something of yours, a last will and testament is a way to ensure that they get it, not allowing anyone else to step in the way. To complete an Oregon last will and testament correctly, visit our website to use downloadable forms or an online step-by-step last will constructor.

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