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Free Fillable Tennessee Last Will And Testament Form

A last will and testament is an important document that everyone should look into. Free will forms hold the key to your life’s earnings, helping you to get everything organized just in case anything is to happen. More than likely, you have worked all of your life, providing for your family and loved ones and creating a life that you love to live. You don’t want an unexpected event to interrupt your life, putting your earnings in jeopardy.

On top of that, that last thing you want to happen is to cause your family any harm, whether emotional or financial. That is where a last will and testament can come in handy, allowing you to secure everything and make plans so that no one else has to.

Fillable Tennessee Last Will and Testament Form
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Does Everyone Need A Last Will and Testament?

As of now, there is no law requiring that all individuals have a will. Though it is not a legal obligation, it serves many purposes, especially when it comes to securing your belongings. When you have financial and material items that you want to pass down, the best way to make sure that they go to who you want to is by filling out a last will and testament.

What Happens If I Don’t Have a Will?

If you don’t have a last will, your property will be handed over to the state. When this happens, it’s just a waiting game, and your things get tossed around from person to person, usually starting with your spouse and children. If neither one is available, the state starts to take a look at the relatives closest to you, searching for the next of kin who can inherit your belongings. Apart from the waiting time, you also leave your family to organize the rest, which could be detrimental and emotional for everyone involved.

What You’ll Need to Fill Out a Last Will

Anyone over the age of 18 and can make complex decisions for themselves can fill out a will, creating a legally binding document in court, as the Tennessee Code, Title 32, states. When you’re ready, the things that you need to fill out your last will and testament wholly and correctly include:

  • A handwritten account of all of the things you wish to give away
  • A list of your chosen beneficiaries and all of the things that you wish them to have
  • An executor that will get everything started when the time comes
  • An alternate executor in the case that the original cannot perform
  • Witnesses that will testify to your signing and dating your last will

Consider These Exceptions Before Giving Away Your Things

While anything that belongs to you and only you are yours for distribution, there are some cases in which you cannot give away something that has your name attached to it. Take these things into consideration before filling out the proper paperwork and getting everything going.

  1. Property owned with a co-signer
  2. Anything that you halve with your spouse
  3. Things will go to your spouse if not specified
  4. Things will go to your children if the above is not applicable

Can I Change or Revoke A Will?

One common fear is that once a will is filed, it cannot be changed. While it will hold up and cannot be changed by anyone else, if the testator wishes it to be, they have a few options. The testator can create a new will, and this will overwrite the original. Testators can also work with a family attorney to add amendments if there are ever any significant life changes that will result in changes to property distributions.

Other Things To Consider

Tennessee recognizes other types of wills, including holographic and oral wills. It means that you have options for creating a will, and all of them will hold up in court. Another thing to think about is your executor, as they will need to be the person who gets everything going. They have 30 days to file all of the paperwork and get the entire process started. You want to choose someone responsible, not afraid to step up and take control to make sure that everything gets done in the right way.

Secure Your Family’s Future

One of the best feelings after the last will completion is that you can rest assured that everything will be fine with your dears and nears. You can think about your family and secure their future by taking care of all legal arrangements and property distribution on your own. When you’re ready, visit our website, where you can find a template easy to fill out. You could have your future secured in little to no time, filling out the last will online with the help of our step-by-step constructor, living a more happy and wholesome life knowing that your possessions are taken care of.

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