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Free Fillable Tennessee Power of Attorney Form

A power of attorney is a vital agreement that allows you to give another individual authorization to handle crucial business or personal affairs when you are incapable. Since it is a crucial document in the USA, most people use it to meet various legal needs. In the Tennessee State, the residents can complete different Tennessee power of attorney forms to achieve specific goals. The fundamental aspect in these forms is granting powers to another person to make critical decisions in your name. The person who gives out authority is known as the principal, grantor, or donor. While the one accepting the decision making responsibility is the attorney-in-fact or the agent.

Due to these legal documents’ sensitive nature, the grantor must carry out due diligence before choosing an agent. You need to select a trustworthy individual who can execute the powers without malicious intentions. A power of attorney form is used when a person suddenly falls ill and is not functioning well to make rational decisions. However, there are many other reasons why residents in Tennessee may opt to create a power of attorney form since people may encounter different circumstances. Moreover, the grantor can decide to annul the legal document because of genuine intentions.

Fillable Tennessee Power of Attorney Form
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All POA forms have to abide by the rules and regulations of the particular state. Tennessee POA forms must comply with Title 34 of the Tennessee Code. These legislations protect all the parties involved in the agreement through specific legal parameters. You can click the link to find out all the information about the statutes.

Below are a few POA requirements in Tennessee State:

  • According to the state laws, the form must include signatures of at least two credible witnesses of legal age.
  • The grantor must notarize the power of attorney form in the presence of a certified legal officer.

Why Use a POA Form in Tennessee

There are different situations where an individual can opt to create Tennessee power of attorney forms. Usually, these forms are used by the elderly or the sick who cannot make balanced decisions about their welfare. For instance, a person with mental illness can’t decide on proper medication or handle daily errands. Therefore, a power of attorney form serves the purpose of ensuring the principal’s life continues normally.

However, the forms are not only limited to the physically or mentally sick; even healthy people can generate top-quality power of attorney documents. Since there are numerous reasons, one is for business purposes. When the principal has a business, the agent can take up the responsibility of executing critical assignments involving the business. For instance, preparing salaries for employees or paying suppliers. Just like all other legal documents, the principal must state all the powers in the form clearly to prevent confusion and misuse of powers.

It is paramount to prepare for life’s uncertainties by creating a power of attorney form, depending on the circumstance. You can get into a tragic accident or fall ill suddenly. Thus, you will need to understand the appropriate documents to use since there are different Tennessee power of attorney forms.

Below are the common types of POA forms:

General POA

When the grantor can’t manage his/her monetary affairs, an agent can take up the responsibility of handling all the finances in the grantor’s name. But the form is considered void if the grantor dies or suffers incapacitation.

Durable POA

Durable forms, also called statutory agreements, are a superior version of the general POA documents. It also permits the principal to bestow powers for financial management to the agent. The only difference is that the agreement still has power even after the grantor becomes ill or incapacitated.

Limited POA

When a principal wants to bestow certain powers to a private attorney, a limited power of attorney will serve the objective. The agent can only exercise the specific decisions or make the stated decisions only. It is also called a springing power of attorney that takes effect discreetly.

Minor Child POA

This legal form permits a parent to assign a trusted agent to be a trusted guardian for his/her child. Usually, it happens when the parent has to travel outside the country either for work or personal commitments. The agent has the rights to consent to critical decisions in the child’s favor if an emergency occurs.

Health Care POA

If a grantor is incapable of making crucial medical judgments because of an illness or mental condition, a health care power of attorney is appropriate in such a situation. An illness that interferes with your sanity is a reason to create a medical POA and allow a reliable agent to consent to your treatment.

Revocation POA

Such a legal form is used to cancel a power of attorney agreement and render it invalid. The grantor must be of good mental health to append his/her signature on this document. It cancels the principal-agent agreement and prevents further dealings.

Real Estate POA

A grantor can use this document to assign an agent the mandate to handle the real estate affairs. Tasks such as buying or selling property in the grantor’s name and all other stated powers in the form will be deemed as valid.

Vehicle POA

The vehicle power of attorney, referred to as Form RV-F1311401 in Tennessee state, permits the private attorney to purchase, sell and fill in all the essential documents while liaising with the Motor Vehicle Department in Tennessee. The agent transacts in the name of the grantor.

State Tax POA

The principal can assign their agent tax filing assignments using the Tennessee tax power of attorney form. It is also referred to as Form RV-F0103801. It is imperative to select a professional accountant as an agent who understands the taxation process and submitting files to the Revenue Department.

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