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Free Fillable Firearm Bill of Sale Form

Disposition of firearms in the United States isn’t heavily regulated, which allows individuals to trade guns with each other freely. A firearm bill of sale form is a document that you should use whenever selling or purchasing weapons from other individuals. It allows both the buyer and the seller to record all details of the transaction and avoid future disputes over the rights of ownership.

If you are about to purchase a gun, make sure that its serial number is clearly visible. Firearms with damaged or absent serial numbers might have been used in criminal activities.

Fillable Firearm Bill of Sale Form
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What Is a Firearm Bill of Sale?

A firearm bill of sale is a legal document used to record the transfer of ownership over a given gun from one person to another. Bills of sale don’t only deal with firearms; any type of personal property can be sold or purchased using a respective form. A bill of sale template should contain a comprehensive set of information about the parties, the transaction itself, and the gun being sold.

When designing a firearm bill of sale, make sure to include all necessary details about the buyer and the seller. If anything is missing from the document, it will not obtain legal power. In addition to personal information about the sides, a bill of sale should specify the terms of the transaction. These documents allow using multiple payment methods, including cash, checks, bank transfers, and promissory notes, so you’ll need to clarify this point with the buyer.

Firearm bills of sale require using state-authorized templates when closing the deals. If you don’t know where to obtain such a template for your state, check out our library. It includes free printable forms for all types of property and all states in the U.S. The pre-arranged documents are available in PDF, DOCX, and other popular formats. If you’re looking for a customizable solution, consider using our form builder to design a document that would satisfy your needs.

Explaining the Nature of Federal Firearm License

To sell, transport, and manufacture guns or ammunition in the United States, businesses must obtain a Federal Firearm License. The organizations must check the background of each customer to ensure that their guns aren’t handed to unreliable people. They also have to follow an array of other requirements. However, the situation with individual gun sellers is more complicated. Depending on the state of residence, you may or may not need an FFL to sell your firearm to another person. If the deal involves transferring the gun outside the given state, the seller must possess the license.

How to Sell a Gun with a Bill of Sale?

Selling a firearm may be slightly more complicated than other types of property, so it’s strongly suggested to stick to the guidelines below:

  • Examine the local gun laws. Always begin with studying your state’s and county’s laws on gun trade. You may be required to conduct the transaction through an authorized dealer.
  • Find a trustworthy buyer. Federal laws on gun trade are quite loose, allowing almost any citizen of the U.S. to purchase firearms without any limitations. However, as a gun owner, you are obliged to behave responsibly with all weapons in your possession. It’s highly suggested to sell guns to people you are well familiar with, such as family members or friends. If that’s impossible, always ask a buyer to provide some proof of identity.
  • Check the background of the buyer. If you suspect that the buyer has a criminal background, don’t hesitate to conduct a background check. There are multiple websites providing information on individuals’ criminal background for a reasonable payment.
  • Outline the terms of the agreement. After finding a trustworthy buyer, make sure to negotiate a list of terms for the transaction. This includes the gun’s price, the payment method that will be used, and any other additional conditions. It’s also suggested to point out the number of installments if the buyer uses a promissory note to make the purchase.
  • Sign the bill of sale. After printing out a firearm bill of sale form, meet with the buyer to sign the document and complete the payment. The buyer must sign a disclaimer to verify that he or she can legally purchase a gun. If the sold firearm will be used to commit a crime in the future, you won’t be held accountable for transferring ownership over it.
  • Finish the transfer of the firearm. Depending on the chosen type of payment, you’ll receive either a full sum or a part of it. After the transaction is processed, the sides are free of any liabilities and the deal is considered successfully finished. In most states, there’s no need to register a newly obtained gun with the authorities.

How to Create a Proper Firearm Bill of Sale?

Begin with ensuring that the bill contains fields for personal information about the sides. The more data will be included, the better it is for both parties. Specify the transferred sum and the payment method, or, if this is your case, write in that the gun is presented or traded-in. Finally, ensure that the bill includes the date and signatures of both sides.