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Free Fillable Arizona Durable Power of Attorney Form

A durable power of attorney is primarily used for financial purposes. With the help of this legal paper, one individual (called the grantor or the principal) transfers their decision-making authority to another person (called the agent or the attorney-in-fact). Thus, the Arizona durable power of attorney form allows the citizens of this state to assign their marital partner or a trusted friend to make money-related decisions on their behalf if they happen to become disabled. The chosen attorney-in-fact will have the right to manage the grantor’s finances and other funds-involving matters for as long as needed, acting in the best interest of the creator of such power of attorney form.

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These powers include buying and selling property, handling bank accounts, business decisions, and any related matter to the principal’s financial accounts.

Usually, the sphere of responsibility and authority of the selected agent concerns:

  • Purchasing and selling real estate.
  • Controlling bank accounts.
  • Making business-related decisions.
  • Overall managing of the principal’s assets.

Due to the imposed powers being of great significance, it is highly recommended to pick out a credible and responsible person as your private attorney.

Arizona Requirements

By analogy with other types of the letter of attorney, both its author and the selected delegee must fill out and certify the contract by their signatures, following the Arizona Signing Requirements (§14-5501(D)(3)). These legal standards define and govern durable POA in the Arizona State. For a proxy to become legally binding in the discussed state, this juridical document must comply with the next requirements:

The Arizona durable POA should include:

  • The name and signature of the grantor.
  • The name of the agent and their signature.
  • The name of the co-agent and the successor.
  • The current date.
  • The powers presented to the agent.
  • The period for which their authority is granted.

Like any other legal paper, a durable letter of authority needs to be confirmed with the grantor’s signature in the presence of at least one witness (not a relative, not the designee themselves) and a state notary.

According to the Arizona Signing Requirements, if the proxy implies property transfer, the latter should be registered with the County Registrar’s Office.

Completing the Arizona Durable POA

If you have no previous experience dealing with such legal documentation as the letter of attorney, do not hesitate to use our customizable Arizona durable power of attorney form to make the whole process easier for yourself. Our top-quality templates are available for download in a convenient PDF format.

Gather the Relevant Papers

Any time one person decides to allocate another person as their authorized representative in one or more matters, all vital facts should be written down and then certified by signature. To initiate the durable POA’s creation, collect all necessary paperwork, and then download a high-end Arizona durable proxy sample.

Indicate the Participants’ Information

In this part, both the principal and the agent must provide accurate necessary information about them. Such details mostly include their place of residence, complete address, the date of birth, telephone number, and contact email address. The grantor is the first to fill out the form, followed by their private attorney. Both parties must sign the contract afterward, which also has to be appropriately dated.

Define the Area of Authority

There are numerous categories of powers that the principal can endow the agent of their POA. The agreement’s creator must approve any right given to a person to act in the name of the principal. Furthermore, this approval should be evidenced and confirmed by others. In this section, be sure to provide a numbered list with a detailed explanation regarding each type of authority. If you want your designee to act on your behalf when it comes to a particular area of life, the appointed agent is required to initiate the document on the specified empty space.

Work with Witnesses and Notary Public

The witness and notary should be present upon the completion of the form. You may choose the notary public to be your witness. Thus, the witness should indicate their full name, write the current date, and put their signature on the blank space allocated for that.

After that, the state notary will fill out all the fields requiring notary details, put their seal on your Arizona durable POA, and verify it by their signature.

Make sure to duplicate the document and share the copy with your chosen agent, who will be obliged to always have it on them, especially if something happens to you.

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