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Free Fillable Kansas Durable Power of Attorney Form

When you become physically or mentally incapable of making rational decisions about your finances, you can appoint a close family member or friend to conduct and execute your financial matters. You can use the Kansas durable power of attorney form to meet all your legal objectives, depending on the circumstance. The POA form can become effective when the principal decides but cannot revoke it due to its durability. It preserves its legal effect even when the principal suffers incapacitation due to various reasons. Therefore, it is vital to appoint a trustworthy and responsible private attorney.

The entity that issues the directives is the principal, while the one who accepts the authority to exercise powers is the agent.

Kansas power of attorney forms – know more about powers of attorney for other assets in Kansas.

Kansas Requirements

If you want to create a POA document in Kansas, you must adhere to specific requirements. According to Kansas state laws (§ 58-629), the principal must include two witnesses who will append their signature on the form for validation purposes.

As per the law, the witnesses must be adults of legal age and not related to the principal in any way. Also, the witnesses must not be beneficiaries of the principal’s estate.

Another requirement is that the private attorney cannot serve as a witness or have any ties with the notary public.

In Kansas state, you need to notarize this POA agreement to comply with the rules and regulations. Ensure that the exercise occurs in the presence of a certified legal representative.

Filling out the Kansas Durable POA

Completing a Kansas durable power of attorney form involves following a step-by-step process that involves filling out a document. You need to know how to complete a POA form by reading through the sections to understand the essential information you must provide. Follow the steps below to write a durable POA agreement:

Get the Form

You can get a suitable POA form on our site and use the free template to create the agreement. If you want to fill in the details manually, you can download and print the form. Or you can fill it directly on the screen using compatible software.

Principal and Agent Details

In this section, the principal must fill out their details on the form. In the first part, including the full name and physical address of the person granting authority. Next, add the name of the agent who will take up responsibility and also the physical address.

List of Powers

This section entails several statements that the principal must approve for each power. These declarations will guide the private attorney to know the specific powers they should exercise.

For example, the principal can permit the agent to conduct real estate transactions, manage stocks, and bank accounts, while restricting personal financial affairs or taxation. If you agree with each power, you can tick to indicate approval. If not, you can cross the check box.

There is an extra space where the principal can add other special directives to the document. Also, the principal can indicate the compensation amount on the form for their agent.

Select Alternate Agent

In the Kansas POA agreement, you can add alternative agents as a precautionary measure that protects the principal’s interests if the initially named agent is unavailable to exercise their authority. At times, the private attorney may suffer incapacitation or refuse to take up the responsibility.

Witnesses and Signatures

This section requires the signatures of all the parties involved – the principal, attorney-in-fact, and the two witnesses. The witnesses must be neutral individuals of legal age and not related to the principal. Include their full name, physical address, and signature.


Finally, you need to notarize the document when a certified legal representative is present. It includes the name of the state, county, current date, principal’s name, notary seal, and signature of the notary public overseeing the POA completion.

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