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Free Fillable Georgia Durable Power of Attorney Form

A Georgia Durable Power of Attorney Form is a legal instrument that provides you with the necessary paperwork for delegating authority. You may use it to create a durable power of attorney (POA) that helps to decongest your financial life. The power of attorney form allows you to appoint a trusted steward who can transact and decide on financial matters in your name. This individual has the authority to buy or sell in your name and engage in any business activity you permit them to engage in.

For example, you can appoint them to manage your real estate empire. They may buy or sell properties for you when you aren’t available or able to do so for any reason. Creating a durable power of attorney ensures that your agent transacts in your best interests even after you become disabled.

Therefore, you must select such a person carefully because of the financial and legal implications associated with their duties. Ensure that they are faithful and business-savvy to make sound financial decisions that won’t hurt your business empire.

This trust makes you a principal, donor, or grantor to your appointed steward because you donate your authority to them. Your delegated authority’s recipient becomes your attorney-in-fact or agent. So, create your durable power of attorney today because tomorrow is a mystery to all of us. You never know what the future holds. Fortunately, a general POA remains in force even after you die or become incapacitated.

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Georgia Durable POA Requirements

All durable POAs in Georgia must comply with some legal requirements. Below are the leading ones that determine a POA’s legal validity and force.

  • Every principal must sign their POA. If they can’t, they must appoint another person to sign it in their name, physical presence, and at their direction.
  • Two witnesses must sign a POA. These persons should do so before a notary public and must have witnessed the principal sign the document and acknowledge their signature before a notary public.
  • A notary public must notarize the document. However, they should not be a witness.
  • The principal, their witnesses, any person signing the document for the principal, and a notary public should be physically present when a power of attorney is signed.

Filling out the Georgia Durable POA Form

Filling a Georgia durable power of attorney form is critical. Hence, you should fill it carefully. Below are the correct steps to follow when completing the form.

1. Prepare all the paperwork and details about the parties to the deal. You need to consult an attorney before filling the form.

2. Download the form in the most convenient format, such as ODT, Word, or PDF. Only ensure that your computer has the necessary software for opening the form. If you wish, you may print the form and fill it manually. The manual filling requires using blue or black ink and large, legible letters.

3. Provide the name of the county where your agent will execute the durable power of attorney.

4. Name the person you wish to appoint as an agent. Also, provide their physical address, telephone number, and email address.

5. Define your agent’s authority and its limits. You can find this section under the “grant of general authority.” Here, you will see a list of all the duties you can delegate. If you want them to perform a given duty, you will initial it with your name. If you don’t want them to perform specific duties, strike the duties out. Some of the business roles you can delegate or cross are real estate, banking, stocks, and insurance. So, read these roles carefully before delegating.

You will also see an optional section allowing you to give additional special instructions. If you don’t have any, just type in the word “none.” If you have them, you can edit the software you are using to add more rows to include them.

You retain the right to nominate a future conservator if you find it necessary. If you opt to nominate one, provide their full legal name, physical address, email address, and telephone number.

6. Sign the document and validate it before your two witnesses and a notary public. Signing it means you prove that the document is accurate and ready for a notary to notarize it. You will also include the date you signed the document. You must also print your name, physical address, email address, and phone number.

7. The notary public overseeing the process will take over the form and start notarizing it. They are the only individuals the law allows to perform this duty. They will fill in their credentials, location, and the date they notarized it. Afterward, they will seal the document with their official seal.

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