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Free Fillable Indiana Durable Power of Attorney Form

The Indiana durable power of attorney form is an essential document that allows you to assign an individual to handle your financial affairs. It is a binding agreement that ensures an entity is available to execute your directives objectively in your favor if you are unavailable or suffer incapacitation due to illness or a tragic accident. The person who creates free power of attorney form is the principal, while the one accepting the responsibility is the agent.

Since it is a durable agreement, its validity remains effective even after you can’t make your financial decisions. Thus, it is imperative to select a reliable individual who will serve as an agent due to the document’s sensitivity. Ensure that it is someone who will make rational decisions objectively in your favor. Although you are at liberty to choose anyone, it is advisable to select a close family member, relative, or friend. An individual who will serve as an agent wholeheartedly without misusing the powers.

The Indiana POA form needs notarization for validation purposes.

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Indiana Requirements

All power of attorney agreements must comply with state laws and regulations. As per the Indiana laws (IC 30-5-4-1), the POA document must be in written form to be considered valid. The principal must also name an agent who will execute the stated powers on the document.

The Indiana POA form requires the principal to sign it when a certified notary office is present. If the principal can’t sign the document, the notary public must state that the individual signing the document is acting under the principal’s directive.

Filling out the Indiana Durable POA

All residents need to understand how to write an Indiana durable power of attorney form. Completing the document requires you to fill out essential details of all parties involved in the legal agreement. Below are the steps you can follow to create a POA form in Indiana:

Obtain the Form

The first step is to get the appropriate document that you will use to create a POA. You can download the form on our site, print and fill it or enter the details onscreen directly on your computer.

Name the Parties in the Form

This section is crucial since you enter the details of two major entities in a POA agreement, the principal and the private attorney. Ensure that you fill in the full name, physical address, and date of birth on the spaces provided for both the principal and agent.

Before you pick your agent, ensure that you carry out due diligence because you need a trustworthy and financially responsible individual.

Review the Principal’s Powers

The Indiana durable POA has default powers that the principal can issue out to the agent. Thus, you need to carefully read these statements and ensure that it aligns with the authority you want to assign your agent. You can strike out any statement with powers that you don’t want. For instance, you can permit the agent to handle your bank accounts, but not your real estate transactions. Thus, you can strike out the paragraph stating the powers to manage your real estate business.

After reading and agreeing with the powers, you need to append your signature at the bottom of this section.


This section requires the principal to append his signature on the form, including their full name and current date. According to Indiana State, the form requires notarization from a legally certified officer. The notary public will sign the form and imprint a notary seal.

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