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Free Fillable Tennessee Durable Power of Attorney Form

Among the occasions for which you might need a Tennessee durable power of attorney form, one can name a severe injury, a debilitating illness, or physical absence in the place of permanent residence for extended periods. In any of these cases, you need a trusted person who can perform daily routines on your behalf. However, not all activities can be performed by an agent instead of the principal, such as, for instance, signing documents, making financial transactions, etc. To perform these activities, an agent must be legally authorized to do so, and this is what a power of attorney form gives.

When you decide to complete a durable POA, think carefully about who you select as your attorney-in-fact. This person will get access to your bank accounts and sensitive information. It’s better to be fully confident in your agent’s dependability and stipulate the exact range of activities they can perform with your assets.

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Tennessee Requirements

Currently, there are no specific statutes in Tennessee that would regulate the completion of durable POAs. Primary guidance for the procedure is contained in Title 34, Chapter 6 of the 2019 Tennessee Code. Its part 1, titled ‘Uniform durable power of attorney act,’ sets this document’s requirements. The Code stipulates the effect of attorneys’ acts, the effect of a guardian or fiduciary appointment by the principal or relevant legal authorities on the scope of the agent’s duties, and guidelines for access to the principal’s medical information with a specific goal of incapacity determination.

Filling out the Tennessee Durable POA

Once you decide to fill out a Tennessee power of attorney form, you should follow the procedure laid out below.

Give Personal Details

The introductory section of a durable POA requires both the principal’s and the agent’s names. Their places of residence should also be provided.

Set the Effective Date

The second part of the document requires the principal to stipulate the date and condition of the durable POA’s coming into force – either immediately after signing or upon the principal’s incapacitation.

Designate the Agent’s Powers

This section enumerates all possible powers and authorities a principal can endow to the agent. These relate to banking operations, lending and borrowing activities, the use of government benefits, personal property management, and many more. To confirm the granting of a specific power to the agent, the principal should put their initials next to the relevant box. At the end of the section, there are several blank lines for the principal to use if some authorities they want to delegate are not included in the standard form.

Have the POA Signed and Sealed

The POA arrangement’s final stage is to have the document dated and signed by the principal, the agent, and two witnesses. After that, the document gets sealed by a notary public validating the POA and giving it legal force.

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