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Free Fillable Oregon Durable Power of Attorney Form

Any citizen in the state of Oregon has the legal right to pass over their financial matter or business decisions to someone of their choosing. They can do so using an Oregon durable power of attorney form. The person who chooses to draw up such a form, the principal, can choose an attorney-in-fact that will oversee activity according to their specifications. Since this individual will have access to their personal finances and properties, the principal should take care of their selection. They should opt only for responsible individuals who will make decisions in their best interest.

A POA document can take on many shapes and forms, allowing the principal to customize it to their liking. Included in the powers granted to the chosen attorney-in-fact are:

–          The right to oversee the principal’s bank accounts

–          The freedom to file or sign tax documents

–          The ability to make business-related decisions on behalf of the principal

Besides exercising caution when choosing their attorney-in-fact, principals should also look out for the allotted time they have control over their finances. In some cases, this can last even beyond the principal’s incapability to do so, increasing the need to take care in selecting the attorney-in-fact.

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Oregon Requirements

To create a durable power of attorney that is ready for legal use, the principal will need to be sure and comply with the law’s stated in the Oregon POA Statute. These include Oregon Signing Requirements § 127.035. Included in these recommendations and requirements are specific guidelines that must be followed to create the Oregon power of attorney form. Included below are a few of the requirements which all durable POA forms must include.

  1. All Oregon durable POA forms must include:

–          Full information concerning the principal, including their full legal name and address

–          The chosen attorney-in-fact and their information

–          Details about the successor(s) if applicable

–          Detailed instruction of the desires of the principal

2. As with any legal document in the state of Oregon, a durable power of attorney must be signed and dated correctly. As pointed out in the legislations for proper signing, the principal must make sure and add their signature in the presence of two witnesses for its legal classification.

3. For durable POAs that require the transfer of property, the principal must first register with the Registrar’s office to participate in any legal actions with it.

Filling out the Oregon Durable POA

Individuals who have never created legal documentation can use our free downloadable Oregon power of attorney form. It will provide the principal with a guideline to follow along with areas where the proper required signatures can be added.

Gather Relevant Information

Before printing the high-quality proxy in PDF on our site, it is recommended that principals gather all appropriate information. They will need to add details about their chosen attorney-in-fact and themselves, plus pass any relevant paperwork over to their agent. Then, they can follow the form as a guide to create their POA form properly.

Define and Specify Powers

The principal has the power to customize the powers granted to their chosen attorney-in-fact. This can include granting or denying the rights to specific areas within the principal’s financial affairs. Here, the principal has the right to specify the terms of the power of attorney form and add a date of termination if they wish to do so.

Work with Notary Public and Witnesses

For the legal use of a durable POA, Oregon citizens will need to sign the document according to the specifications. These include the legality of the document to sign in front of a notary public and two witnesses. Once this is done correctly, the document is ready for use under the stated circumstances.

It is highly advised that the principal create a copy for themselves and all other parties included in the original document. This will ensure that, when ready, all parties will have the paperwork that they need to get any processes started and will be informed on all matters outlined in the durable POA form.

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