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Free Fillable Pennsylvania Durable Power of Attorney Form

Most people falsely believe that they will be capable and resourceful forever, able to manage all their personal, financial, and business affairs on their own. Emergencies happen, however, and some individuals lose their capacity to perform all the daily routines such as paying the bills, performing operations with real estate property, caring for their children, managing their business, etc. Let your life not stop together with your temporary absence or incapacitation; use the Pennsylvania durable power of attorney form. This legal document serves as legal proof of your delegation of authority to an agent you assign, endowed with an official right to act on your behalf on a variety of matters:

  • Signing business documentation;
  • Completing deals with real estate property;
  • Selling and buying stocks and shares on your behalf;
  • Managing your bank accounts;
  • Paying rent;
  • Paying for your children’s tuition;
  • Taking care of your insurance and pension arrangements;
  • Filing your taxes, and so much more.

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Pennsylvania Requirements

Those who wish to complete a power of attorney form should follow the legal requirements for this document set in Chapter 56 of Pennsylvania’s statutes. The key demands the principal should follow when filing their POA include:

  • The POA document should be written, signed in the presence of two witnesses, and notarized.
  • The principal should sign the POA in person.
  • A durable POA can be completed by a person of 18 years old and more, of a sound mind, and performing this act voluntarily.

Only by following these requirements, Pennsylvania residents can draft durable POAs that will have a legal effect. The POA comes into force immediately after being signed (unless specified otherwise), and the agent can assume the assigned responsibilities and start managing the principal’s affairs.

Filling out the Pennsylvania Durable POA

To delegate some vital responsibilities to your trusted agent, you need to complete the Pennsylvania durable power of attorney form and sign it in the presence of witnesses and a notary public. If you don’t have the ready template yet, download one from our website. We have the state-specific POA forms available in the PDF and Word formats. You can also use a convenient step-by-step POA document builder online to complete all the necessary sections online and download the ready POA file.

The steps of POA completion are as follows:

Include Personal Information

At the beginning of any POA form, you need to indicate your full credentials (such as your name, last name, place of residence) and contact details (such as your phone number and email). The same should be provided for your chosen agent so that any party included in the specific POA document could be contacted in any case.

Stipulate Authorities and Limitations

The following section of the durable POA form involves indicating specific authorities and rights you delegate to the attorney-in-fact with that document. You may also indicate the limitations of those authorities. The POA’s duration should also be stipulated in this part (if you prefer to set specific timeframes for its effect).

Sign and Seal the POA

Once all the data is filled out, you need to sign the POA in front of two witnesses, have the POA signed by the agent and sealed by the notary public. These activities guarantee the due process of POA document completion and ensure that it possesses legal force. Afterward, you should print several copies of the POA and give them to all parties concerned.

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