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Free Fillable Washington Durable Power of Attorney Form

If you find yourself in a situation where you need to entrust your monetary assets and other property to another person because you need to leave the country or have sustained an injury and are no longer capable of disposing of your finances, don’t worry. A Washington durable power of attorney form, and a durable proxy in general, will come in handy. This juridical document is designed to legally appoint someone else to control your financial affairs, including business and taxes. Thus, a designated attorney-in-fact is endowed with the right to act on the declarant’s behalf and have access to their personal savings and banking accounts. Such a type of power of attorney is called “durable” since it doesn’t lose its legality even after the grantor is deemed mentally incompetent to take care of their own business.

Just like any other power of attorney form, this one can be revoked at the discretion of the principal. It also becomes null and void when the creator of such POA passes away.

Washington power of attorney templates – learn more about powers of attorney used for other property types in the State of Washington.

Washington Requirements

Every legally enforceable durable proxy must be accurately drawn up in full accordance with the POA Laws of the Washington State – Chapter 11.125 (Uniform Power of Attorney Act).

When discussing signing requirements (§11.125.050) for this legal instrument, a state notary and one or two witnesses should confirm its authenticity. In case the grantor selects a couple of witnesses, they should be disinterested adults and not the agent, relatives, or marital partners of the declarant or the private attorney. Besides, domiciliary care providers, or medical staff at a clinic where the declarant is a patient.

Filling out the Washington Durable POA

Undoubtedly, not everyone in Washington has used such legal documentation as a power of attorney in the past. Taking this into account, we created high-class customized templates for any interested Washington citizen to resort to. Our superb-quality samples are free to download, and they are available in the following e-document formats – .doc (.docx), .pdf, and .odt.

Now let’s figure out what steps you need to compose a durable proxy in Washington correctly.

Specify the Participants’ Information

The first individual to submit their personal and contact details is the grantor. Thus, the POA owner must enter their full name, address of residence, and phone numbers. Sometimes, they are also required to indicate their e-mail address and date of birth.

After that, the principal needs to designate their private attorney. It is essential to specify the chosen individual’s legal name, physical and electronic addresses, and contact phone number.

The primary agent you chose may be unable or unwilling to fulfill the responsibilities assigned to them. In such a case, the declarant has the opportunity to allocate one or two backup agents to take over the duties of the primary private attorney. These alternate agents also must submit their personal details.

Besides having the chance to assign additional representatives, the grantor can decide on the agreement’s effective date. Hence, a durable power of attorney in Washington can go into force immediately upon its creation and signing. Otherwise, a Washington durable power of attorney form will take effect only when the declarant is deemed incapacitated by medical professionals.

Decide on the Scope of the Rights Given

A durable POA allows another person to control your financial assets, property, and other money-related aspects of your life. So, the appointed private attorney will have the power to manage the following:

  • Banking matters (accounts, cards, etc.)
  • Safe-deposit box
  • Money investments
  • Social service benefits
  • Retirement savings
  • Taxes
  • Insurance
  • Estate planning
  • Legal aid and litigations
  • Lending and borrowing money
  • Gifts and philanthropy, etc.

Also, the durable POA creator is allowed to indicate any additional instructions and expand the authority of the agent, or the other way around, narrow down their powers.

Sign the Durable Power of Attorney

The durable proxy owner in Washington should be the first participant to enter their name and signature, along with the current date, into the allocated space. Notably, the signing must be carried out only after the grantor has reviewed the whole document.

Even though this legal instrument doesn’t come with the obligatory condition to be notarized to be considered legally recognized, it is still highly advised to use the assistance of a notary public.

Besides the “Notary Acknowledgement” section, there are blanks where two witnesses must submit their full names, addresses, and signatures, this way confirming the authenticity of the composed contract.

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