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Free Fillable New York Medical Power of Attorney Form

New York citizens have the legal right to select someone to take control and make medical decisions on their behalf if they fall ill or suddenly become disabled. Using a New York medical power of attorney form, the creator, legally referred to as the principal, can select someone they trust to act as their attorney-in-fact. The appointed attorney-in-fact has the right to make decisions as to initiate or terminate medical treatments, including medications and fluids and life support in applicable decisions. As with most POA forms, timing is of the essence and must be taken into consideration. The state of New York will only allow those in a healthy state of mind to create a power of attorney form, meaning that the principal’s desires may go left unfulfilled in the case of a sudden accident.

Among the permissions granted to the chosen attorney-in-fact are:

  • The approval of treatments and medications
  • The right to approve the transfusion of fluids or nutrition
  • The decision of whether or not to terminate life support

Due to the sensitive nature of the authorities granted to the attorney-in-fact, the principal should take care in the selection, choosing someone they both know and trust.

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New York Requirements

A New York power of attorney form is an essential document that deals with an individual’s well-being. Due to its legality and power granted over an individual, principals must abide by laws pointed out in the New York Statutes. It includes following the New York Signing Requirements (Article 29-C – (2980 – 2994)). These requirements specify that medical POAs must include the proper signatures and details.

1. The POA form

  • The name and address of the creator (principal)
  • The name of the selected attorney-in-fact along with their legal address
  • An alternative agent that will act in case the above cannot

2. The state of New York legislation states that, for a medical POA to be deemed legally binding, the principal must sign in the presence of two witnesses.

3. The principal has the right to set limitations and add their wishes. These should be included in the medical POA before all signatures are put, understood by all stipulated parties.

Filling out the New York Medical POA

As with any legal document, the creator, in this case, the principal, must be careful to fill out the document correctly. Using our free and high-quality New York power of attorney form, you’ll have a no-fail guide to follow. This will help you rest assured that you have included all of the necessary items to see that your wishes are filled.

Gather Paperwork and Information

To fill out a medical POA form, you will need information about the agent(s) selected. It includes full legal name and address. Be sure to have this on hand when ready to fill out the form. Besides, you can use a medical proxy sample to aid in the proper creation of a medical POA form.

Specify Authorities Granted to Agent(s)

The medical POA includes most areas dealing with the medical care and well-being of the principal. However, the principal has the right to set limitations and specify the areas in which the attorney-in-fact and alternatives can act. It includes adding precise wishes and preferences that the principal has if their health is to decline. Included in the POA form is an area allowing for the donation of vital organs, allowing or denying their use.

Signing and Dating Properly

After all necessary information is included in the medical POA form, the principal will need to abide by the signing requirements. This step involves signing the POA in the presence of two witnesses, which will also need to add their signatures.

In addition to proper signing for the document’s legality, the principal will need to take on the responsibility to create duplicate copies for all those included in the medical POA form. They are also in charge of keeping a copy for themselves, their chosen attorney-in-fact, and any additional agents they wish to add. Selected parties will need this document any time they are prompted to make medical decisions legally on the principal’s behalf.

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