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Free Fillable Oregon Medical Power of Attorney Form

If a sudden illness or accident leaves a person terminally ill or mentally incapable, it could help to have someone to oversee their medical care. A person can create an Oregon medical power of attorney form, outlining their wishes and desires. The creator, or principal of power of attorney form can also select a responsible someone that they see fit to take over and make decisions on their behalf. This person is legally referred to as the attorney-in-fact and can act within the legal document’s specifications. The principal should be forewarned that their agent’s choosing should be done with extreme precautions, making sure that they choose someone that will proceed with their best interests at heart.

The chosen attorney-in-fact has several duties which they can oversee unless otherwise specified by the principal. Included in the areas in which the chosen agent may act are:

  • Decisions to start or end certain treatment routines
  • The right to initiate or terminate life-saving devices
  • The choice to begin fluids or nutritional IVs
  • The legal right to act on the principal’s behalf if they are ill or disabled

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Oregon Requirements

All states have their own list of requirements that POAs should follow to be legally recognized and hold up in a court of law. As far as an Oregon medical power of attorney form is concerned, principals must closely follow the outline provided in the POA statutes and make sure to abide by the  Oregon Signing Requirements ORS 127.515(2)(b). The requirements listed below are a few that each medical POA form must include.

  1. The Oregon medical POA form must include
  • All information about the creator of the document
  • Information about the chosen attorney-in-fact
  • Alternates and their basic information if applicable
  • The name of the principal’s primary physician
  • A list of granted powers

2. Also necessary for the proper legal creation of a medical POA are signatures and required certifications. The legislatures state that the principal must sign and date the document in the presence of two (2) witnesses or a notary public.

3. Medical POAs generally last even after the patient is disabled and only terminate if they die or annul the document. In any case, the principal has the sole right to terminate the POA or add a timeframe in which the attorney-in-fact can legally act.

Filling out the Oregon Medical POA

Even without any prior legal experience, any individual can visit our website to access a free Oregon medical power of attorney form. The principal can use the high-quality proxy as a guide to correctly providing all information and adding proper signatures to create a legally binding document. Our forms are in convenient PDF form and ready to print at any time for immediate use.

Gather Necessary Information

Before filling out a medical POA, the principal should first gather all the necessary information. It will help speed up the process, making the filling out of the form smooth and easy. This includes their own information plus basic information about their chosen attorney-in-fact and successor(s) if they choose to have them. It may also help add any paperwork concerning their current health status that the attorney-in-fact may need to understand their condition better.

Specify Powers and Limitations

While the normal circumstance grants the attorney-in-fact the right to oversee all medical decisions, the principal has the right to specify otherwise if they wish. They can do so by allowing or denying their agent the ability to act in certain areas within their medical matters, including decisions of life support, the initiation of nutrition or other IV liquids, or even organ donation.

Signing and Dating the POA Properly

Once the document is created, and all parties agree with the specifications, the principal will need to sign and date the document. To do so by the laws, they must sign the POA in the presence of two (2) witnesses or a notary public. The latter puts the final legal seal on the document and certifies that the POA can be used when the time comes.

The principal should make it their responsibility to create a copy for themselves and provide one to all parties mentioned in the document.

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