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Free Fillable Colorado Medical Power of Attorney Form

A Colorado medical power of attorney form (POA) is one of the most important legal instruments you can use to plan for your health. The power of attorney form permits you to choose a trusted person who can make critical health decisions for you when you can’t make them yourself. Your chosen steward will have the right to access medical records and talk to health experts for you.

The law allows you to donate your authority to them as much or as little as you wish. Their delegated authority makes them your agent or attorney-in-fact. The donation makes you their principal, donor, or grantor. They can decide the type of medical procedure you should undergo during emergencies. For example, they may decide for you when you are unconscious or mentally incapacitated.

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Colorado Medical POA Requirements

You must abide by Colorado’s legal requirements laid out in the Title 15-14 of Colorado’s Revised Statutes for your medical power of attorney to be legally enforceable. Below are some of the leading requirements you should abide by.

  • The person creating the POA must be a sane adult 18 years and over.
  • The POA authorizes your agent to consent or refuse to consent to medical treatment.
  • The medical power of attorney may include conditions, directives, or limitations to an agent’s authority.
  • A POA agent must act according to and abide by their principal’s wishes, limitations, directives, and conditions.
  • The agent has a right to access their principal’s medical records.
  • The agent’s delegated authority doesn’t imply that their principal has lost or limited their authority to make medical decisions. Also, it doesn’t mean the principal can’t revoke the trust whenever they find it necessary.
  • A medical POA doesn’t authorize an agent to override their principal’s medical decisions to consent or object to particular medical procedures.
  • If the agent is a spouse, their agency terminates when their marriage ends in a divorce.
  • The principal can fire their agent if they stop acting in their best interests or as per their agreement.
  • A POA doesn’t authorize a medical provider to administer any inappropriate or illegal treatment that contradicts state or federal laws.

Filling out the Colorado Medical POA Form

You can fill your Colorado medical POA form in the following easy steps:

  1. Start by accessing it on this website in a PDF format and then saving it to your device.
  2. Identify yourself as a would-be principal in Colorado. You should print your name on the form and declare that you appoint so and so to act as your medical power of attorney.
  3. Identify your preferred agent as the recipient of your directives regarding your health.
  4. Give all the necessary details regarding your chosen agent. You must provide their contact details, such as telephone number or email address.
  5. Provide your agent’s alternative contact details. For example, you must give their other email address or phone number for easier access.
  6. Provide your agent’s registered physical address. The details should include an appropriate street and house number.
  7. Provide an alternative agent as a secure backup. The reason is that your chosen agent could be unavailable during an emergency. Thus, name someone who should stand in for them during their absence. Remember, the alternative agent isn’t a “co-agent.” Instead, they only act when your preferred agent is unavailable, fired, or has resigned. So, provide their full details the same way you did for your primary agent.
  8. Just like with your primary agent, supply your standby agent’s contact details for easy access.
  9. Provide your alternative agent’s alternative contact details like telephone number or email address.
  10. Indicate your standby agent’s physical address the way you did for your primary one.
  11. Designate your standby agent, but first, confirm that the primary one is willing to and can represent you.
  12. Present your second substitute agent’s phone number.
  13. Report your substitute agent’s other email address or phone number for easier communication.
  14. Record your substitute agent’s home address.
  15. Determine and qualify your agent’s scope of authority.
  16. Clearly and broadly state how you prefer your agent to handle your health. You may state whether or not you want doctors to use some resuscitation or pain management methods when you’re in a critical health condition.
  17. Officially execute your agent’s appointment by signing and dating the document before two witnesses or a notary public.
  18. Add other signatures to fortify your paperwork if you wish.
  19. Get your primary agent to sign a power of attorney.
  20. Verify your signatures before releasing the document to the signature witnesses.
  21. Utilize witnesses’ testimonials to verify your signature.
  22. Notarize your signature to verify this document. The notary public will direct you on how to proceed before signing and sealing the document.

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