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Free Fillable Idaho Medical Power of Attorney Form

When you fall sick and cannot make critical decisions about your treatment, you can use the Idaho medical power of attorney form. It is a binding agreement like other legal documents that permits you to select another person to execute critical health decisions in your name. Also known as an Idaho advance directive, it is a powerful document that outlines the creator’s wishes regarding his/her treatment preferences. It comes into effect when the principal becomes incapacitated and can’t consent to any treatment decisions.

The principal is the creator of the free power of attorney form, while the health care agent accepts to take up the responsibility of a decision-maker.

Suppose you want to register the document after completion. In that case, the Idaho state allows you to complete a registration form for free and send it directly to the Health care directive registrar in Idaho.

Idaho power of attorney forms – find out more about powers of attorney for other things in Idaho.

Idaho Requirements

Idaho laws (§ 39-4502(8)) state that signing a power of attorney document needs only the principal to append his/her signature on the form. However, the state recommends that you notarize the document for validation purposes, although it is not compulsory.

The principal must be a competent individual and sound mind to create a medical POA form in Idaho. They should not act under duress from third party influence and be free to act independently.

Filling Out the Idaho Medical POA

If you want to create an Idaho medical power of attorney form, you must follow the steps below to complete the document. It is a simple process, but make sure you read all the sections carefully before filling in the details.

Get the POA Form

The first step is to obtain the medical POA form for free on our site. Download the appropriate form online as long as it is similar to the state-provided form.

Put the Creation Date

Proceed to enter the exact date when of the form creation. There is a blank space named “Date of Directive,” where you have to indicate the date, month, and year.

Provide Details of the Principal

The principal is the individual issuing the medical directive. This section must include the details of the POA creator, such as full name and address. For validation purposes, the address must be similar to the Government ID card or driving license. You must also include the resident city, state, and zip code.

State Your Treatment Preferences

This is an important section that entails all the principal’s treatment wishes that the health care agent must execute. It has specific instructions directing the physicians whether to withhold or offer treatment under particular circumstances. These directives are dependent on the principal’s incapacitation when they cannot communicate or suffer from a mental condition that prevents rational decision-making.

In such a situation, the attending physicians will refer to this POA form and determine the treatment procedures as per the principal’s wishes. For instance, a principal may object to life-sustaining procedures when they are in a vegetative state.

Indicate Communication of Principal’s Wishes to the Agent

Here, there are two boxes to tick as a safety measure that patients can undertake. If you already had a discussion with your attending physician on the treatment scope and filled a specific form, you must indicate on this POA form. If you did not fill out any Physician Orders for Scope of Treatment (POST) form, ensure that you tick the appropriate box.

Choose a Health Care Agent and Health Care Agent’s Particulars

This section allows you to select your preferred health care agent. You must indicate his/her full name, physical address, and an active telephone number. The agent must be available at all times in case an emergency arises.

List the Agent’s Powers

The principal must clearly state the directives, limitations, and powers they assign to the health care agent. It prevents conflict of interest among interested parties and ensures the agent exercises the correct powers without fail.

Name Alternative Health Care Agents

You need to pick alternative agents as backup. Since life is unpredictable, the original agent may be unavailable due to incapacitation or other critical reasons. Hence, you need alternate agents who are willing to act immediately when necessary. Idaho state accepts up to three alternative healthcare agents on the medical POA form.

Indicate their full name, physical address, and telephone number.

Revocation of Previous POAs

This section allows you to revoke the previous power of attorney agreements by signing and indicating the current revocation date.


Finally, the POA creator must sign the document for validation and indicating the city and state of residence.

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