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Free Fillable Texas Medical Power of Attorney Form

When you fall severely ill and can’t handle your health care matters, you can assign another individual the authority to make critical treatment decisions in your name. If you are a resident in Texas, you can use the Texas medical power of attorney form and delegate powers to an individual who can act wholeheartedly in your favor. However, the attending physician must determine that you are indeed incapacitated. Therefore, it is crucial to select a trusted person who understands your health care wishes, maybe a spouse or close family member.

The person who delegates authority to another individual is the principal, while the one accepting to play the role of a decision-maker is the health care agent.

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Texas Requirements

Each power of attorney form has specific requirements that the principal must follow when completing the document. According to Texas state laws, Title 2, Chapter 166 (Advance Directives), the power of attorney agreement directs physicians to administer a particular treatment preference during incapacitation and the end-of-life phase.

The principal must have two witnesses of legal age present during the completion of the POA form. The witnesses must not be related to the principal or serve as a health care agent. Or be a beneficiary to the principal. They must append their signatures on the form for validation purposes.

Filling Out the Texas Medical POA

Texas residents should understand the process of completing a Texas power of attorney form to help them achieve specific legal objectives. It is a simple process that entails filling out essential details about all the parties involved in creating a POA agreement. Follow the steps below to get started.

Get the Form

The first step is to obtain the POA form from our site. You can opt to download, print, and fill manually or enter the details online on your screen using a compatible software like Word. Ensure that it is similar to the one provided by the state.

Sign the Acknowledgement of Disclosure Statement

The form comes with default information that the principal must acknowledge and sign at the end of the section. As a principal, you must fully understand the declaration in the form before signing. If the statement is confusing, you can seek a medical lawyer’s or doctor’s assistance to explain the disclosure statement’s meaning. Append your signature and current date after reading and understanding.

Appoint a Health Care Agent

In this section, the principal must name a health care agent who will handle all the critical medical decisions in their name. It is imperative to select a trustworthy agent who will serve diligently without compromising your health. Ensure that you inform the person you want to name as your agent before filling out their personal details. Insert your name as the principal and enter the agent’s full name, physical address, and telephone number.

Set Power Limitations

Here, the principal can review the powers stated at the beginning of the document and impose limits to some of the directives. You must clearly state the restrictions that the agent must follow when it comes to exercising authority.

Choose Alternative Agents

Texas POA allows you to have more than one health care agent on the form. In case the original agent is unavailable or refuses to take up responsibility, the first alternative agent will step in the role. You can select at least two alternative agents as a precautionary measure. The appointment is successive, and all agents cannot operate at the same time. Include the full name, physical, and active telephone number of the agent.

Set Original Copy Storage Terms

The principal must state the original POA copy’s location after completion and the entity who will be liable for storing it. Thus, enter the details of the physical address and the name of the person responsible for storage.

Indicate Life Span of POA

This section indicates the duration of the agreement. It contains the date when the agent begins to exercise authority until the termination date. The principal has to append their signature on this section.

Signature and Witnesses

As per Texas laws, a power of attorney agreement requires at least two witnesses to append their signatures for validation. However, the principal should sign the document and include the current date, city, and state.

After the principal, the witnesses should then sign the paperwork and include their physical address and current date.

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