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Free Fillable Florida Medical Power of Attorney Form

Your health is your most precious asset without which you can’t enjoy any other Providence in life. Thus, to avoid stress, prepare for emergencies using instruments like the Florida medical power of attorney form. This form lets you create a power of attorney form that delegates some of your medical decision-making powers to a third party. The person you appoint will wield immense powers over your health and body after your demise.

Your appointed trustee can consent or object to particular treatments for you. They can also decide for you when you are either unconscious or mentally incapacitated. Therefore, be careful about whom you appoint to decide for you in this sensitive matter. Make sure they are trustworthy and can advance your best interests without being policed.

In this delegated arrangement, you become your trustee’s grantor, donor, or principal because you donate your authority to them. Your trustee becomes your agent or attorney-in-fact. Therefore, it’s beneficial to prepare for life’s emergencies because you never know when you might need such help. Today is always the best time to fill the medical POA forms and prepare for your future.

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Florida Medical POA Requirements

The legal requirements for making a legally binding POA are set out in Chapter 709 (Power of Attorney Act). Here are the leading ones to familiarize yourself with before filling the form.

  • Only a physical person with the capacity to enter a contract should create a medical POA. That means that they must be sane adults at least 18 years old. The same principle applies to their intended agents because they will make sensitive decisions affecting someone’s life.
  • Signing the form requires two witnesses who must physically witness the principal signing and acknowledging their signature on the POA form.
  • A notary public should validate the POA document to make it legally executable.

Filling out the Florida Medical POA Form

Filling the Florida medical POA form is a critical stage in creating a medical power of attorney. So, be careful about how you fill it. Here is how you ought to fill the form correctly.

Obtain the POA Form

Start the process by locating and downloading the form on this website. Download it in the most convenient format to allow you to fill it offline conveniently. You may download it in PDF or Word format. Make sure your computer has a compatible program that can open and display the form. Consult your doctor and attorney before filling this form because it has grave medical and legal implications.

Set the Principal and Agent Roles

Next, identify yourself as the principal and your chosen agent. On this page, locate the first two blank spaces with the names “Name” and “Age.” Here, you must fill out your legal name and age as the POA’s beneficiary. Beneath that line, indicate your agent’s name and indicate how they relate to you. For instance, state if they are your spouse, descendant, or parent. Remember to fill out their home and work phone numbers. You must also give their physical address.

The nature of this agency is so delicate that you can’t just name one agent. Thus, nominate two more other alternative agents to stand in for your primary agent. The reason is that your trusted agent is human, and they could face the same challenges as you. For instance, if you get involved in a road accident with your agent, they can’t assist you then. So, provide their details the same way you provided for your primary agent.

Also, solidify your form by clarifying all the specific directives you want your agent to know. For instance, indicate any restriction or limitation on your agent’s authority. Fill out the section that supplies the necessary language for setting up a Living Will. Detail what you want your agent to do regarding life-prolonging or saving interventions. For instance, instruct them to consent or object to interventions that won’t benefit your life in the long-term. This provision applies where the principal has a terminal illness in a critical condition with no reasonable medical hope of recovering. If necessary, you may supply additional instructions regarding what happens to your body after death. However, you don’t need to fill it out if you clarified all these details earlier.

Have the POA Signed and Notarized

The next stage entails your witnesses watching you sign your delegation of authority to your chosen agent. One of those witnesses must not be your relative or related in any way to healthcare facilities or companies where you are a customer. You need to surrender the document to your two witnesses to sign it also.

Below the living will-related page, you will see a section where you and your witnesses will provide and date your signatures. Ensure that you fill them duly before concluding the POA writing process.

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