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Free Fillable Wisconsin Medical Power of Attorney Form

Some unpleasant and unforeseen events make us want to be prepared beforehand since life is fragile, and so is our wellbeing. Hence, the Wisconsin State citizens have the opportunity to utilize a Wisconsin medical power of attorney form to ensure that their health and life would fall into the reliable hands of their trustworthy attorney-in-fact. For this reason, people composing a healthcare proxy in advance tend to select their significant other, a family member, or a time-proven friend for the position of their patient advocate. The important thing is, such a power of attorney form type can be utilized only when a person is diagnosed as physically and/or intellectually incapacitated and unable to speak for themselves. The creator of a medical power of attorney decides what vital decisions the appointed agent can take instead of them and what their representative cannot do.

The authority guaranteed by an advance directive is mostly connected to the decision-making rights concerning the grantor’s medical treatment. It is especially relevant for the circumstances when the patient is no longer capable of making tough calls and communicating their desires independently, for example, when they are in a coma or suffer from a fatal disease.

The use of a healthcare power of attorney can bring you some inner peace because you will know that, no matter what, you are taken care of, and your wishes are respected. Thus, certain people are against any life-support options or gastrogavage, so they must specify such nuances in their advance directive.

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Wisconsin Requirements

If you want your medical power of attorney to become legally binding after completion and signing, it is crucial to write it in strict compliance with the POA Laws of the State of Wisconsin – namely, the Chapter 155 (Power of Attorney for Health Care).

Filling out the Wisconsin Medical POA

Do you need assistance with drawing up this juridical document? It is entirely justified, as not everyone in the state of Wisconsin has experience operating with such a powerful legal paper. Due to this, we offer all interested users the opportunity to get a top-notch healthcare proxy template for free. Our highly customizable sample of a Wisconsin medical POA is of excellent quality and is presented in such popular formats as .doc (.docx), .odt, and .pdf. Simply download the most suitable version and start completing your advance directive template.

Identify the Participants of the Contract

First and foremost, the medical proxy creator must get acquainted with valuable statements and basic terms indicated in the introductory part of the form. After that, they can give all the necessary personal and contact details required by the local proxy laws.

The grantor should submit their printed name, complete mailing address, date of birth, and indicate the date of creating the contract. When the declarant finishes filling out their blank, they have to establish their patient advocate, specifying the chosen individual’s full name, physical address, and telephone number.

It is typical to designate a successor attorney-in-fact if the primary agent becomes unable or unwilling to perform their duties. An alternate private attorney must enter the same information as other participants of the agreement.

Each of the patient advocates named in your Wisconsin medical power of attorney form needs to read through the “General Statement of Authority Granted” and “Limitations on Mental Health Treatment” before acknowledging the document.

Determine the Sphere of the Rights Provided

The next thing required from the principal is defining the area of authority presented to the allocated representative. It is critical to bear in mind that the surrogate decision-maker will be obliged to act in the declarant’s best interest, simultaneously carrying out the written directions with great precision.

In most cases, the agent is legally allowed to agree to or refuse medical aid on behalf of the grantor. Besides that, the private attorney can get full access to clinical records and other similar documentation belonging to the declarant.

Furthermore, it is possible to endow your patient advocate with the power to decide whether to send you to residential care homes or to apply a feeding tube for your nutrition.

Provide Signatures and Other Details

All the participants of the contract must be present during the signing of the medical proxy. The grantor is the first party to provide their name, signature, and the current date, followed by the witnesses’ statements and personal information. The latter includes their legal names, mailing addresses, signatures, and date of the signatures.

Once the principal and the witnesses have verified the advance directive, all back-up private attorneys along with the primary patient advocate must enter their full names, residential addresses, and signatures.

The remainder of the healthcare POA in Wisconsin should be filled out by the state notary and notarized by their seal. However, the notary public’s presence is not a mandatory condition for the proxy form validation in the discussed state.

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