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Free Fillable Missouri Medical Power of Attorney Form

A medical proxy is a rather powerful legal instrument, which may come in handy whenever an individual becomes disabled, incapacitated, or even diagnosed with a terminal illness. For example, Missouri citizens can resort to a Missouri medical power of attorney form if they want to prepare for their end-of-life care properly. Moreover, a POA form has the opportunity to bring some inner peace to the family members of the principal in the event of him or her becoming incapable of doing routine and special tasks. It will happen because an advance directive (another name for the healthcare proxy) contains precise instructions and wishes of the grantor that they want to be followed strictly by the appointed patient advocate.

By analogy with all other types of power of attorney forms, this one can be canceled upon the request of the POA’s creator or their demise.

Missouri power of attorney templates – this page will help you learn more about other powers of attorney you can use in Missouri.

Missouri Requirements

According to the Missouri Power of Attorney Legislation – namely, Durable Power of Attorney for Health Care Act – every healthcare proxy in this state must be executed in full compliance with the legislature mentioned above.

When it comes to the signing conditions (§ 404.825), the local statutes do not impose any specific signing requirements for such a legal paper to become legally enforceable. Nonetheless, the Missouri State laws mention an obligatory condition that needs to be complied with for the medical power of attorney to be acknowledged. Thus, such a statement indicates that at least a couple of licensed physicians must, after examining the principal, confirm that the declarant has lost their physical and/or intellectual competence for a particular period. They should confirm that such a condition will require individual treatment decisions to be made on behalf of the patient. When the grantor is no longer incapable of making decisions, the surrogate decision-maker’s powers diminish.

Completing the Missouri Medical POA

If you do not possess any previous experience working with such documentation as the advance directive, do not think twice before utilizing our high-end medical proxy templates to simplify the process of its filling out for yourself. Our premium-quality samples are available for download in any convenient format of electronic documents.

Indicate the Principal

Start filling out a Missouri medical power of attorney form with identifying the full name (including title, if applicable) of the grantor. After that, it is necessary to report the medical POA owner’s complete residential address – from the state to zip code. In some cases, the principal will need to specify their phone number, date of birth, and electronic address.

The next thing to do is to name the selected attorney-in-fact.

Assign the Patient Advocate

In this section, the creator of a medical proxy will need to name their allocated private attorney. Similarly to the process of identifying the declarant, here, the legal name, physical address, and contact information of the designated attorney-in-fact should be indicated. Ensure that all the details are given correctly.

It might happen that the primary patient advocate cannot or will not perform the duties outlined in the Missouri healthcare POA. That is when the allocation of an alternate private attorney will come into play. By analogy with all other agreement participants, each of the backup agents will have to specify their name and contact details.

In the last paragraph of this section, the declarant sets the effective date of their medical proxy. By default, such a legal instrument comes into force once the principal has been diagnosed with a physically or mentally incapacitating condition.

Specify the Area of Authority

Now it’s time to determine the sphere of liability and authority of the appointed agent. Remember that it is of paramount importance to think over and decide on the area of authority you want to entrust to another person. For instance, if you are firmly against artificial nutrition, be sure to describe this moment in your Missouri medical POA. Yet, it is up to you to decide whether to allow the agent to make tough calls regarding your wellbeing and medication or limit their access to your medical history.

However, in general, the patient advocate can either provide consent to or refuse particular treatment on behalf of the declarant. The same goes for accepting or declining life-support procedures, etc.

Sign and Notarize the Healthcare POA Form

The first person to put their signature on the medical power of attorney is the grantor. At this, they should also write the current date, the one when they sign the proxy.

After that, the witnesses present at the completion and signing of this juridical document will be required to specify their names and mailing addresses, providing signatures in the end.

The “Notary Acknowledgement” section is designed especially for the state notary to review the principal signing the paperwork. The notary public then checks the authenticity of the information given and validates the medical POA with their credentials and seal.

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