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Free Fillable Florida Power of Attorney Form

Use any of the existing power of attorney forms to legally grant the designated representative the authority to control another individual’s wealth, health, business, and other vital matters. Thus, the people residing in the state of Florida are allowed to resort to one of the Florida power of attorney forms available to them. In short, a proxy endows a selected individual with the opportunity to take money-involving decisions, sell or purchase property, allocate custodianship, or make crucial healthcare decisions in the name of the POA’s creator. However, the powers offered by such a juridical document don’t end there.

The person who permits another person to control their material assets is known as the principal (the donor, the grantor). In contrast, the one presented with such permission is called the agent (the private attorney, the attorney-in-fact).

Fillable Florida Power of Attorney Form
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Any power of attorney form type must be composed in strict compliance with the Florida legislation statements. This way, such a proxy will be legally recognized even though it is not mandatory to transfer it to the court entity. The local laws include rather detailed information on each of the points, with some major requirements given below:

  • An original copy of the proxy can be submitted to the district court clerk for recording it as a public record.
  • A Xerox copy of the Florida power of attorney is as efficient as the original.
  • A couple of or more co-agents can be appointed to act independently of each other.
  • A selected private attorney has the right to receive a reasonable accommodation from the grantor.

Why Use a POA Form in Florida

There are an abundance of potential reasons why Florida people may want to apply such a legal paper. In most cases, it is utilized by the elderly or the sick and those who experience troubling health issues. For instance, people determined intellectually and physically incapable of doing many things definitely should have a power of attorney prepared beforehand.

However, not only those whose health has cracked may use this juridical document. Hence, even the perfectly healthy citizens of the state of Florida should think of writing a proxy for themselves. The needs for having a power of attorney vary from individual to individual, but one of them is owning an enterprise. Thus, if the donor has their own company, it is essential to assign a diligent agent who will be in charge of your business and otherwise manage it – for instance, to effect payment of salaries. Yet, any of the existing power of attorney types in Florida should contain precise instructions and the principal’s wishes. It is also critical to define the sphere of responsibility of the chosen representative in a written form. Besides, Florida laws mention that the attorney-in-fact is entitled to reasonable accommodation. Ensure to specify what that compensation will be to eliminate possible confusion afterward.

It is hard to predict what tomorrow will bring, and that is why it is of utmost importance to be well prepared in case of a tragedy or severe trauma. Regardless of your circumstances, your POA goals will be considerably different from those of another Florida citizen. Therefore, there are many Florida power of attorney forms. Take a closer look at the ones widely used in this state:

General Power of Attorney

This proxy form in Florida allows the private attorney to take care of all financial aspects of the principal’s life instead of them. The agent is provided with the responsibility to act in the name of the donor. With the passing of the POA’s creator or them becoming incapacitated, the authorization offered by this legal document also expires.

Durable Power of Attorney

A durable proxy acts as an “extended version” of the previous POA form, as it exceeds the parameters of a general proxy. It is known as durable since it remains legally binding even upon the donor’s developing incapability.

Limited Power of Attorney

A limited power of attorney features restricted authority over everything specified by the grantor. In an overwhelming majority of situations, the attorney-in-fact has the right to control finances and healthcare-related aspects of the author of a POA. They are rarely given other powers, such as to acquire or sell property, but it all depends on what the donor decides. The legality of a limited proxy diminishes upon the death of the principal.

Medical Power of Attorney

An MPOA, or the Designation of Health Care Surrogate, as it is called in the state of Florida, must be drawn up following the Florida Health Care Advance Directives (Chapter 765). It comes in handy whenever a person becomes physically and/or mentally incompetent to make tough calls about their well-being and drug treatment. Thus, a fatally ill individual, a person with senile dementia, or those who work in a dangerous environment, might need to complete such a form.

Parent Power of Attorney

The following type of power of attorney helps a caregiver to allow the selected temporary custodian to make decisions regarding the well-being and health intervention of their underage kids. Suppose a parent cannot be physically present during a medical emergency due to them leaving the country for a particular period. In that case, they are highly advised to resort to this Florida proxy form.

Real Estate Power of Attorney

A real estate proxy allows you to appoint someone else to sell, buy, and otherwise deal with your property on your behalf.

Vehicle Power of Attorney

A vehicle POA is somewhat similar to a real estate proxy, but it allows the agent to handle all essential paperwork related to the donor’s vehicle(s).

Revocation of Power of Attorney

To revoke the current power of attorney, the grantor can use this form to terminate the existing agreement between them and the designated private attorney.

State Tax Power of Attorney

In Florida, such a POA type as a state tax power of attorney (otherwise known as the Form DR-835) allows you to allocate a capable adult (preferably, a certified accountant) to manage tax preparation and payment on your behalf.

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